AMHARIC / GAMES INCUBATOR / PLAYBOY announced the farm simulation DOME VILLAGE on January 24. The corresponding platform is PC (Steam). Release timing has not been revealed for now.

Drama Village is a farm simulation game developed in a Chinese-style world view. The player is a sinner banned by the emperor. He served in the village of Drama Village, where he will live and live a farm from scratch. The first player is given to the player, simple tools and limited money, only slight rice and tea. These are developed a farm first, and you have to pay income from the emperor to the tax officer sent from the emperor. It depends on the effort of the player if you work safely and will leave it forever or forever.

First, let’s start with the place where you cultivate rough farmland. There are several farmlands in the village, and some can be unlocked by saving money and purchasing. In addition to different sizes, it seems that the ability to grow crops every season. In addition, it is also possible to keep livestock in the village. By preparing a certain area, we will raise animals such as chickens. Players can freely place various things, such as farmlands, buildings and peripheries. It seems that it is possible to automate farming laws. Let’s restore the devastated village and try to play to rich land.

In addition to players, residents will come to the village. They and her have also been banned by sinning. Players can interact with other residents and take a request. By’ll help, it will be able to earn the trust of residents. Yuks Yuri seems to be able to know the background of that sin. In addition, events also occur in the village. In addition to public holidays along the old calendar, there is also a day to celebrate the birthday of the residents. Through these lives, it is also one of the pleasure to deepen the bond with the villagers. In addition, villages have also remained traces of the front dynasty. While we investigate, but so also will be touching the Chinese folklore and the devil.

If you get the trust of the emperor to some extent, it will eventually come out of the village. You will be able to explore the enemy area dominated by the army. Outside the village, various harvests are obtained. You can absorb new technology knowledge or get raw materials, tools, and crop seeds in the village. However, don’t forget that there is a danger to the outside. You can see how to do the cave exploration in the trailer. Has been fighting back with a sword and bow to the wild of the bat, it seems there are also some combat elements.


Drama Village is scheduled to be released for PC in Steam. Release date is revealed in the future.