The planned takeover of Activision presents all previous deals in the shadows. However, she is also associated with a lot of risk. For Xbox, not only 69 billion US dollars are on the game.

In recent years, Xbox was cumbersome cultivated his clean man image. Phil Spencer has always set up his best son-in-law smile and spoken in PR-suitable phrases. Xbox was thus able to its position as a kind of friendly outsider in the gaming industry consolidated – new at school, sometimes with connection difficulties, but always with a well-kept look and also properly rich parents.

However, the circumstances of the Activision Takeover are from such explosive that Xbox will lose his proven marketing mask and will show his true face.

Activision Powerless is a challenge for Microsoft

Even in an industry, which is so toxic and dominated in many ways of Misogyny, racism, homophobia, destructive laziness and endless money yarn , Activision Blizzard King is a business. The Publisher has built with CEO Bobby Kick at the top such a desirous, miserable working environment that Activision was even sued by the state of California. (Source: Gig)

Microsoft has to clearly position itself when taking over. Responsible How Kick should leave the publisher as soon as possible without being considered to be considered on pompous farewell celebrations with warm words. Although it is assumed that Kick will take his hat after the conclusion of the deal, the way will also be important. (Source: Wall Street Journal)

Following this, the structure must be umpelt in Activision Blizzard and an improvement in employment is initiated. The acquisition could thus be for the publishers’ employees a real chance – As long as Xbox is not too fine, to roll up the sleeves and help them clean.

Xbox: How many microtransactions does the image handle?

While Activision Blizzard under the scenes requires extremely a lot of work, the game output must be critically seen and changed. The focus on Loot boxes fits just as little to the Xbox image as the rolling out annual cod releases. PR ab sticks How the subsequently added microtransactions in Crash Team Racing should be avoided necessarily.

Also, For gamers, the Xbox takeover could thus have positive consequences – when gaming hen should get more time for development and depreciate aggressive monetization.

However, the question of console exclusivity remains continues and could sustainably secure Microsoft’s vest. Gigantic multiplayer franchises like Call of Duty removing from the PlayStation platform, would be impossible to justify millions of gamers .

After the billion deal: Which face shows Microsoft?

The fact that Microsoft is capable of buying ACTIVISION Blizzard for the game sum of almost 69 billion US dollars is sign of a broken system that can not even serve seriously or account.

But Xbox has now decided. The company has caught his school uniform, which combed hair, put his rigid winner smile and parents’ money placed on the table .

But that’s not done this time. Because of the dimensions of the Deal , it is now also the so carefully established reputation of Xbox on the game – and losing it, could be really expensive in addition to the 69 billion US dollars in the longer term.

Xbox ensures the planned acquisition of Activision for a sensation. The deal could contribute great profits to Microsoft – but also offers a significant risk for the company.