Psionic, the video game developer from San Diego, announced in cooperation with the artist Grimes a new in-game event named neon Nights, which will start on 26 January on all platforms in Rocket League!


Neon Nights is the first in-game event that revolves around a musical artist and includes new event challenges with grimes objects, returning a temporary mode and golden moons!

The content of neon nights is:

  • New Event Challenges – Players can complete new event challenges to unlock items, such as game games players and Kirigami Eyes in which the new song ( Kirigami Eyes of Grimes is to be heard that will be released on January 26), Grimes Topper like Gravitation and Space Queen, a Braided Trail, Grimes Sticker, Grime Wheels, Grimes Player Banner, The Universal Fireworks (Multiform) – Sticker and Earth Boost.
  • Returning Heatseecer Ricochet – The Chaotic, Time-Limited Heatseecer Ricochet mode will be available for the duration of the event.
  • Golden Mode – Players can earn golden moons, unlock the items from the IMPACT, Nitro and Overdrive object series.

At the same time, in which neon Nights is live, Rocket League also celebrates the New Year with the year of the Tiger Free Bundle. The bundle can be purchased in the Item Shop and contains the Tiny Tiger Topper and the Tyler Decal.

Neon Nights will be live in Rocket League from January 26 to 8 February.