Next-generation franchise star duo will carry Korean professional baseball.

Comes said it has been selected for the new season official model of the popular mobile baseball game of its development and service.

The ‘compute’ in preparing the season updates prior to the opening of the ‘2022 HBO League’ opened, the Comfort Ya is the first time to see the official model to play with the representative face of the game this year, and increases the expectation of fans for the new season.

The first time, the first joining the HBO, respectively, the first time this year, the first time this year is selected as the official model of ‘compute’ for three consecutive years, respectively. It is attracted to the franchise star that has been deprived of the most out of the abundant skills as well as adhered to the competition.

First, this is the first time, and it is the best to win the ability to win the glove for four consecutive years to the last season. In addition, the name is also a native right-handed pitcher, which achieves Career High, even though it is a three-year-old man last year.

These official models are planning to decorate a variety of areas, including the main title image and app icons of the game, and plans to provide pleasure for many baseball fans and game users through advertising and game events that utilize promotional images.

Comes official said, I expect that two players who are receiving a big love to baseballs with a solid basic apparatus and a fascinating play on a domestic professional baseball stage are expected to bring new vitality to the game.

Meanwhile, the ‘Comfort’, ahead of the opening of the 20th series this year, is a 3D mobile baseball game that allows you to enjoy all the games of the HBO League vividly. In addition to the 10 consistent HBO leagues, you can meet all the athletes, real name, photos and current season HBO leagues from the first year to the present. In addition, we provide a variety of live content, which utilizes the league sexual data of the players, in accordance with the opening season of each year, and we offer a real baseball game.