Sound output for the PC

In our special we take care of the sound output on the PC. For without sounds and music, games, but also films, videos, streams and more barely or not enjoy. In addition, good sound equipment can increase the fun of the media mentioned and, for example, make sure that you will find opponents better and place them correctly on the basis of their sounds. For the sound output there are two general possibilities: speakers or headphones. We clarify everything important to the advantages and disadvantages of the two possibilities as well as the connections that you have for it.

Headphones and headsets

A note directly at the beginning: if we write from headphones, we always mean headsets. Only when the most significant function of a headset deviating from headphones comes into validity, we will use the term headset. The speech is from the microphone, because a headset is nothing more than a headphone on which a microphone is already installed ex works. There are also models with quasi-invisible microphones that are completely integrated in the headsets. The fact that this is now without horrendous surcharge is also due to the trend towards in-ear headphones for the smartph1. For the manufacturers have developed comparatively favorable miniature microphones in recent years, so that the headphones must not decouple when calling, but can use as a headset. However, most headsets for gamers rely on stateable bars with a microphone in the end, which are designed in the headset design technology.

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    1. 1.1.1 headphones and headsets
    2. 1.1.2 Headphone or speaker?
  3. Page 2Sound on the PC: Analog and Digital Sound
    1. 2.1Analog sound per 3.5 mm plug: for decades
    2. 2.1.1DIGITAL sound via USB or wireless as well as via HDMI
  4. Page 3Sound on the PC: SurroundSound – analog, digital, virtual
    1. 3.1SurroundSound: analog, digital and virtual
  5. Page 4Sound on the PC: buying tips – 2.0, 2.1 and PC speaker overview
    1. 4.1 Shopping Tips: Speaker for PCs
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Earphone or speaker?

Headphones are a very good choice for video games for a good price-performance ratio during the sound and to dive into the game. Because through the headphones you can easily move from the real world, and because of the headphones less material and smaller components are needed, production is also relatively cheap, so you get a good sound for comparatively little money than with cheap boxes. An advantage here are the in contrast to loudspeakers short ways of sound waves – these must only be able to hike from headphone mussel to the eardrum and thanks to the headphones themselves also protected by outer interference factors well protected. In the case of speakers, however, the dimensions of a room and all objects in the room will inevitably change the sound. It is therefore more effort necessary to ensure a good sound. Nevertheless, each piece of furniture and every new location for the boxes changed the sound that one perceives as a listener. Some residential situations do not even make that a good boxing set for 150 euros really sounds better than one for 50 euros. Headphones are simply putting on – and is good.

Nevertheless, speakers have advantages. On the one hand, you do not have to wear an additional weight all the time on his head, and there is no pressure on the ear cups, as is often the case with iron headphones.

Page 1 Sound on the PC: headphones or speakers?

Page 2 Sound on the PC: Analog and Digital Sound

Page 3 Sound on the PC: SurroundSound – analog, digital, virtual

Page 4 Sound on the PC: Purchase Tips – 2.0, 2.1 and PC Speaker Overview

Page 5 picture gallery to sound on the PC: speakers, headphones, connection types and more

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