In Germany, Germans need two Corona apps in everyday life.

The Corona Warn app reports on an increased risk of infection in good time. In addition, positively tested persons can upload their proof and inform all their risk contacts of the past days anonymously about a possible risk.


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The Compass app in turn is intended to gaze and vaccinated to store their digital evidence on the smartph1. Whoever opens and uses the app, can show the corresponding evidence then simply in the cinema, in the restaurant or traveling. Proof of paper format are not necessary.

  • Compass for Android: Now inform with chip and download it to the Google Play Store
  • Compass for iPhone: Now inform at chip and download the Apple App Store
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Corona warning app builds function – and ensures confusion

Since last year, German citizens in the Corona Warn app can also upload their vaccination certificate. Through the practicable supplement, the Compass app for vaccinated obsolete us.

Recently, the Corona warning app was further expanded. Users can summarize about their current entire status under the menu item Certificates and know immediately which companies they can visit with it. In the menu, 2G, 3G or 2G + appears left.

But the function currently provides false results – especially in people with booster vaccine.

In everyday life, this can lead to considerable restrictions. People who reached a basic immunization and received an additional refresh vaccine are considered to be bilateral and would actually be listed in the app as 2G +. In the Corona Warn app, however, 2g (i.e. only aim immunized).

2G +, as well as statements of the operators only played, if additionally a negative antigen quick test is stored. But that is a fatal mistake.

Boomed persons must, according to the recommendation of the app, deposit a test to get the 2G + indicator. This is not necessary in any state.

The example shows: left a boomed person without test proof and right the same person with test proof. Actually, 2G + should be in both cases.