One of the current bosses of Blizzard Entertainment potentially mocked a new game in the STARCRAFT series. During the past week, several fanatics have been expressing loudly what franchises belonging to Activision and Blizzard would like to see return after the acquisition of both editors by Microsoft. And although it remains to see what Microsoft will do with the Blizzard IP in the future, a remarkable celebrity may have received some kind of mockery in relation to Starcraft.

In a recent message on Twitter, Actor Simu Liu, who remarkably plays Shang-Chi in Marvel Cinematic Universe, let him know that he wants to see Starcraft thrive in the future. Please, save Starcraft, he twisted herself along with a GIF of the series. The message is one that ended up resonating among several other Starcraft fanatics on Twitter and, as such, had enough circulation. So much so, in fact, that Mike Ybarra, who is the current maximum responsible for Blizzard, ended up responding to Liu. Although Ybarra had nothing specific to say about Starcraft’s advance, he did published an astute smiling face, which several fans took as a mockery related to a new game of the series.

Obviously, it is difficult to know if this Ybarra Tweet is really indicative of a new StarCraft game as a whole. However, it does not seem that he would have answered Liu in this way unless he knew something about the franchise that everyone else does not know. If such a provocation could or may not be related to a new suitable game in the franchise (maybe Starcraft 3) Probably not something we know for a little more time. Even so, it is an exciting idea, however.


Like Simu Liu, would you like to see a new Starcraft game in the future? And what are the odds that Microsoft ends up bringing back the series to the big one once you acquire Blizzard formally? Let me know your own ideas in the comments or on Twitter in @ mooreman12.