ROBLOX has seen its fair share of unique new experiences for the community Roblox builder who are always striving to create the best game worlds that exist for players who can explore them with pleasure. One of these examples is the König Lewis game developed by Roblox builder : Thai piece. The game had more than 1.1 billion visits at the time of writing this article, so it is clear to realize that the game has attracted great attention to players around the world. There are many codes in this experience and the activity ROBLOX King Legacy codes are listed in this manual, so you can use it.

Working Legacy Codes by Roblox King

The codes that can be redeemed are listed below and range from additional belts, gemstones and more for their character in the game. The codes ROBLOX to be used therein are:

  • 550Klikes — Redeem for a status reset for your character
  • 1MFAV — Solve this code for 5 gems
  • Dioxide — Redeem for 100,000 ‘Belt’
  • Peoria — Redeem for 100,000 ‘Belt’

  • THXFOR1BVISIT — Redeem for 3 gems
  • Update3 — redeem for 3 gemstones


These are all available working codes for the Roblox world that brings you the rewards you are looking for. There are numerous other Roblox experiences with attached codes that you can redeem.

How to solve the codes

To redeem the codes, you must first start King Legacy from the inside ROBLOX, search for the small gear for the settings under the health bar after loading. Press the settings and locate in the settings after the word Codes and press it. Then you will receive a field in which you can enter the codes. Press Enter to receive your reward!

Note that you have entered the code exactly as it appears in this list.

Your rewards are now all available for you. Will you use these Roblox king legacy codes this month?

ROBLOX is now available to play on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, iOS and Android.

— This article was updated on 15 January 2022