Film Theory: The Matrix NEVER Existed! (Matrix 4 Trailer)
Actually, it should be a bombastic film tag: with friends I had met for an ultimate matrix marathon — meeting me at home, looking trilogy and then matrix: recur ratings; The Sequel, which appears almost 20 years later. Accordingly, our expectations for Part 4 were not even so high. And they were also screwed down, through the trilogy itself.

For the drop in quality over the three films is clearly crasser with such a marathon as I had memory: while Matrix 1 was simply this perfect Lightning in A Bottle blockbuster, which was made from the right people at the right time, Missing this aspect of the sequels. Reloaded and revolutions were almost a movie (back to back turned, published in the same year).

And this movie was just too much inherently degraded — from charming philosophy allusions in the first part, a never-ending avalanche of dialogues and monologues that were demonstrated for how smart the authors were kept in the sequential philosophy allusions in the first part. And even the legendary good action scenes from Part 1 were not enough for the makers. Although reloaded definitely had its moments (keyword: highway), but overall I had the knowledge of the marathon quickly: that could be really shorter.

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But why do I tell that? I want you to understand that firstly I do not think that the matrix trilogy was a perfect masterpiece to which a sequel could not get approached. And secondly, I believed that recur ratings could hardly be worse than revolutions. Wow, I was wrong.

Matrix 4 looking for a marathon of trilogy — not a good idea

In retrospect, the new part felt like a punishment. An Oh, you wanted to know exactly what you think of Matrix good? Then you will see it all the better what this movie is missing! Because Resurrections was a truly gruesome experience for me in clear words:

Every five minutes, there is a footage of the old movies, with the wooden hammer quotes or moments back in the head of the spectators. Maybe it was my mistake to have seen all films freshly fresh — but since when will it be punished that you have seen the predecessors of a movie?
The action scenes have lost the last bit of sophistication — less practical effects, gloomy shootouts and ingenious stunt work, but more colorful CGI, shaky cam and unnecessarily many cuts. This loss of quality is not surprising, Matrix 4 has to do without Woo-ping Yuan, the fight choreography genius, which has not only worked on the matrix trilogy, but also Tiger & Dragon.

The magnificent battle choreographies belonged to the absolute highlights in Matrix. In Part 4, they are difficult to pursue and without the technical sophistication — as well as the other action scenes. Source: Warner Bros.

Old characters are simply provided with new performers and completely new personality. What did Morpheus and Smith, if they could be the same completely new figures? Velvet Sassy occur, windows and completely new agenda?
Where are the Stakes ? Where is the urgency, the danger, the gloomy atmosphere? The new young cast looks more like a marvel blockbuster, each dialogue with these figures is about nervous rubble or jokes on the assembly line, as if Ryan Reynolds comes around the corner. To fresh were my memories of characters from the trilogy, who had just built a presence with little screen time, whose deaths were tragic after a few lines, and whose humor is mostly limited to dry one liner.

A goofball with jokes and clam auk — What does this character have to be Morpheus? Source: Warner Bros.

Instead of Mysterious Story of Matrix or at least the epochal bloated history of the Sequels, Wazowski has simply deducted a complete fuck you, Hollywood and made a meta-comment on modern film franchises and reboot trends from the first three quarters of an hour. Sorry, but I wanted to look primarily Matrix 4 to see how the world has evolved after the peace of machinery and people — not to see cartoons of trilogy, which literally emphasize that Warner Bros. make a new trilogy would, even if the original machines would not want to participate. No joke! I sincerely felt as if I would watch a sketch of Saturday Night live.

The foundation outside the matrix gives hope

Only the laid foundation has held me out of desperate. Because as I had meant: my interest in the real world outside the matrix was not disappointed. A few info snippets around machine civil wars, a new Zion and friendly machines that coexist with people? I do not need more!

But unfortunately, this aspect has noticed too little time of two hours of film. Overall, after the mixed experience with the trilogy marathon, I have the impression that Matrix 4 is generous despite the trying to deliver meta comment than its predecessors.

Matrix: Resurrections (Buy Now) is rather the variety action blockbusters with marvel humor, over which the new movie seems to make funny. In this respect, Matrix remains a trilogy — for there was only one matrix movie !!! 1 pack I still do not count. Reloaded and revolutions were not perfect, but at least are not interchangeable.

What is your matrix 4?

Of course, this is just a (visibly frustrated) tirade from me, for which the viewing of matrix: resurrections is not yet 24 hours ago. Can you sign these criticisms like this? Did I overlook important aspects that have prepared you enjoy? And: Do you wish you a fifth part — regardless of how you fountains part 4? betrays it in the comments, I’m really looking forward to other impressions!



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