Democratic presidential candidate, with one day notice yijaemyeong has installed a new Agency for the games’ industry transition paradigm. The candidate has changed and social consensus on P2E game. After he had clearly regulated legal commitment for an odds-type items. He pledged support for the resolution and additional international markets in order to ensure a pan-governmental panto problems. E-Sports has promised to grow into a major professional sports industry yijaemyeong government.

The Republic of Korea 20 Dorinda undergoing presidential election on March 9th. The interview was conducted in writing.

views on the overall domestic game industry

= Korean game industry comes after growing for about 20 years, haewatgo tortoni a filial role of content, whilst exports has established itself as a dignified celebration of the national industry, such as economic development, contributing to creating numerous jobs. In particular, it is also the domestic game to enjoy the world over one billion global users, such as people battleground out, also called e-sports industry group of the genre and was the force of the K- gaming industry.

However, it pointed out that the industry is one gap grow only petite business model is the lack of effort to raise her game ecosystem, utilizing the excess probability-type items. The government’s support for the sustainable growth of the industry has been lacking. Old company regulation does not reflect the trend of the industry and individual regulations to deal with alcohol, tobacco, gambling has been inhibited development.

However, I think that even now I shut it obsolete thing. I think that the time required to switch the games’ industry paradigm. According to the survey, only in 2020, so that the answer using the game for more than 10 years 71.3% national games has become a culture. Including a mechanism for installing the Game Industry Promotion will carefully review the various promotion policies.

against P2E game

= Current Game Industry Promotion Act stipulates the exchange of a game is possible P2E game achievements with Game Rating illegal. Last November the block-based chain that began dragging a big hit on the 18th P2E mobile game ‘Infinite Kingdoms broke Rivers’ was determined on December 10 Classification Cancellation.

In addition, the domestic case of game four Remade Mir 4 ” Mir 4 ‘global version enough to exceed the number of visitor global simultaneous Based on this collection of Herschel (goods) enables the cashing in cryptocurrency exchanges while playing 1.3 million people The box office jungyijiman impossible in the domestic version.

But ironically Mir four global game situation in the Republic of Korea and had the game Target Game Business Innovation Year 2021, seeking to sign the largest games NC soft and game Notable also P2E global expansion.

However, P2E market is just starting a new business model can not predict anyone at the moment. Recognizing the voice of concern about gambling problems, we will find a social consensus watching how the P2E development in the future.

about the probability of type item issues

= Algorithms spend a lot of money can be made to play well, it is counterintuitive to the nature of the game. If it achieved this state of the game industry-oriented business model, the way to communicate with the user and does not fit the nature of the game up to provide fun.

The country is currently being adopted by the global e-sports event of the Games, despite e-sports suzerain situation it seems to be the limit, so some of them do not. I have a concern that if the country would have though the games were buried only make production competitive-type probability models Item revenue, falling eventually internationally competitive.

It announced that a policy relating to the probability-type items, cows hwakhaeng 25th commitments. Promoting transparent information disclosure of chance alone game items will transparently disclose the exact configuration probability and expected value of a probability-type items. To induce excessive purchasing costs by encouraging the gambling called ‘Complete Geisha (the Compton CIA)’, that have multiple drawings will in principle prohibited.

Also, I ask responsible for the game’s probability of manipulation, deliberately presented an incorrect probability, so that excessive penalties for small, indie developer will also complement raise together.

Lee, Sang — Heon, with the Democrats for this initiative represents a whole gaming industry law amendments

= Game Industry Promotion Act was enacted in 2006 and has reached the present day. I think in terms that enhance the gamers to protect and repair the irrational system requires amendment. Our Party lawmaker Lee, Sang — Heon all the games’ industry initiative Amendment Act is expected to contribute to protecting users with the healthy development of the gaming industry.

In particular, the government, local governments, ever composed ‧ operate the gaming industry councils in the game business center, and funding for small game operators, game ratings, game information, information that the youth was obliged to show the probability of type item type and type supply probability information the ban harmful content and advertising to promote the act of thinking that is a point to point, such as a foreign gaming operators a step further domestic agents.

With respect to the probability-type items are mandatory public know that the voice of concern in the industry. This amendment is reasonably confirmed through social consensus process, including a public hearing be held, I hope to contribute to protecting users, including excessive gambling solved with the healthy development of the gaming industry.

against panto issues

= To come off the panto troubleshooting issue than the government positively. In panto One of the problems to be considered a priority is that panto acquire existing distributors and that was our game to be protected from being penalized.

It requires measures to address the level of the Ministry of Foreign Trade of China’s major overseas markets panto issue of Korean game companies. The countries with diplomatic and business will go Leona China panto problem. Through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Industry generally, cultural joint response strategies and implementation of relevant ministries such as Ministry of Tourism, Sports and panto solve the problem and, at the same time, we will also support measures taken at the national level for additional overseas markets such as Southeast Asia secured.

The fact that they will complete it more actively communicate with the Chinese government issued a new panto be an important reference point of the Korea-China relations will allow the government to clearly recognize.

about e-sports industry

= E, despite sporting status as suzerain and was also unable to accept the fact jeongjak e-sports as an important industry like any other professional sport. However, it will write yijaemyeong government forces to be recognized and further spread of e-sports as a major professional sports industry. And already ‘pledged cow hwakhaeng 5’ announced the e-sports club founded by Managing Director, e-only sports game content development will also strongly support.

Sports Council and the Sports Council for each province from e units will allow the sport to be adopted as an official sport. We will also establish a policy to expand the professional leagues in some sports, such as League of Legends biased in a variety of sports.

As already worldwide ICT technologies are rapidly evolving, world of enthusiasm for e-sports have been much like that of pay increases, the show makers players such as South Korea e-Sports players are getting the attention of people around the world as much as the well-known artists such as BTS.

Presidential Election D-100: Lee Jae-myung-Yoon Seok-youl running neck-in-neck in 5-way race
Out to build a long-term player development infrastructure in order to continue to discharge those star players, we will strengthen primarily from more stable employment and working conditions based on the composition.

for the disabled Games Issues, local gaming culture

= In that the met averse, VR virtual reality technology optimized for various games is the most appropriate means to bridge the gap between reality and non-disabled people such as the disabled yidonggwon. People with disabilities will encourage a wide range of barrier-free content at the national level so that you can smoothly use it to establish an institutional framework to enable disabled people playing games such as closed captioning, dedicated gaming devices.

In addition, disabled e-sports league will prepare a variety of disabilities, including the launch awareness games and related industries and to promote the participation policy. And we will expand the current e-sports arena built in Susan, Kwangju, Daemon such as e-sports base facilities by region in order to mitigate the gap between metropolitan and non-metropolitan playing games.

Like other professional sports enterprises — regional — we will collaborate closely related such as e-sports organizations Korean Olympic Committee to yeongoji pirogi activate the center competitions between athletes.

For the game use disorder domestic coded diseases

= The World Health Organization has decided to classify the game using disability as a disease in January 2022, just puts a grace period of 5 years. It will decide whether to introduce the recommendations to take advantage of the grace period.

Disease coding of the game use disorders thinking is different from the addiction issue and was generally discussed so far. The games use disorders and other diseases actually closer that can be classified in the same line review required.