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Genshin Impact stands on the edge of a new update and thus a very exciting new character. So far, there are many popular pole arm users in Genshin Impact, but no five-star Cry users. Hence will change that. Here you will find everything you need to know about Hence in Genshin Impact.

SHENHE LOOKS PROMISING! Talents/Skills Explained, Build Guide Weapons & Artifacts Genshin 2.4

Hence is an exciting Ne wrung at Genshin Impact, but it is important to look at what else comes with Update 2.4. You may also want to look at the exciting new costumes and learn how to get them for Niggling and Keying. We have a lot of instructions and news about Genuine Impact, so do not miss it.

How to get Genshin Impact Hence

Hence will be available immediately if Genuine Impact Update 2.4 will go live on January 5th. It will be available in the banner of The Transcendent One Returns directly next to a re-executed banner of Ciao. Later in January, repetitions of Gansu and Zwingli will be available, so secure these prisoners to save.

Although some very popular characters with this update return to Genuine Impact, Hence is definitely not to miss. It is extremely powerful and works well as a minor figure. With Hence and Gansu in the same team they are basically not to be stopped.

How to use Hence

Hence is a 5-star rod arm Cry user, which means that it is very powerful. Your main capacity is called Spring Game. In addition to creating cry damage to opponents nearby, each in the group receives the ICY spring buff, which enhances all normal, charged, immersed attacks, elementary capabilities, and elemental explosions that cause Kayo damage relative to Scenes attack power.

Scenes Elemental Burst is called Divine Maiden’s Relevance and has it in itself. When used, there are enemies in the area of ​​heavy AOE cryospheres. In addition, all enemies within the AOE have a reduced crore resistance and physical resistance. And last but not least, the summoned Talisman causes periodic cryogenic damage and strengthens the Kayo damage to the group members in it.

Hence seems to be a great party member for teams with one or more Cry members. Their ability to strengthen the entire Cry attack power and reduce the enemy Cry resistance makes them a character that should be considered in any case. Paired with the new glacier and snowfield artifacts Hence is a Life legend, which is not for space.

Genshin Impact is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Mobile Devices — Android and iOS.