On the 23rd, Nixon’s probability monitoring system applied to Maple Story Nexon NOW was controversial in a week. The results of the actual game are not reflected in the time of the time, which explained that the Nixon side has misunderstanding in the update point description.

Nixon is a periodic update, not a real-time update, for data aggregation and collection. The update period is 1 hour, and the new data is updated every time. And the data point in the event is updated in the time is described as follows.

The actual probability of Nixon NAU is updated every one hour, and the updated data is the data before 2 hours from the update point. I have a lot of data that is created every second, and I would like to ask for a time to get a time to get a time to collect and calculate it and distribute it.>

Many of these users have been interpreted as updating the information after 2 hours after gathering information every hour. For example, the information that is updated at 6:00 am on a period is collected 2 hours before the data. In other words, it is the ‘3 ~ 4 o’clock’ aggregate value collected at 4 am.

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Therefore, some users have questioned that the system was not working properly. The user has used 10 items in 3:53, but it said that it has not increased only two of the 6:00 updates. The user said, There is a personal idea that it is not a randomly published, and many users have achieved this sympathy. In other words, the doubt that Nixon is not manipulating the actual application value to spread.

When controversy spread, Nixon immediately posted explanation announcements. There was no abnormality in the data aggregation, but the explanation of the time of the aggregation was somewhat lacking. The previously described aggregation is not before 2-3 hours ago, but a ‘max’ 2 hours ago, that is, the up to 2 hours ago, accordingly, according to this, Data between 4 and 5 o’clock.

Nixon said, The data used in 3:53 am, the number of times the number of times was reflected in 5:00 am, not at 6:00 am, said the actual number of data was normal because the number of emergence was higher than that of the previous update. In addition, to prevent misunderstanding, the data that is updated was corrected from the update point to the data.

However, the user’s suspicion is not solved. Nixon announced that the data collection delayed after Nixon Nuke has been opened on December 25 at 0:00 on December 25. However, through the addition of 10:2 pm on the 28th, the probability data was confirmed to be normally exposed to the aggregate delay in the dawn of dawn on the 28th, he said, I waved. Nixon said, Nixon is going to continue to complement the next step in the beginning of the membrane, Nixon, said, Nixon is not going to continue to complement the next step in the future.

Their intentions were good. It was a new attempt did not ever show anyone in the domestic game motivation to make the game more fair comparison by showing the probability of disclosure and actual results eliminate doubt about the probability of operation. However, the misleading description of one week at least two data exposure error is suffering from pain in the early overlaps. If you want to open a service trying to get the trust is not a catalyst rather lose even more confidence to be followed by thorough preparation and description before opening.