Task Cars And Trucks (Area Aided Racing Simulator) is an auto racing simulation of the Somewhat Mad Studios. Thus far, it has been published for Windows, PlayStation 4 as well as Xbox One on May 7, 2015. The game funds itself totally by the neighborhood and the designer itself. With Task Cars 2, the 2nd part of the collection showed up in 2017. An additional follower represents Projects Cars 3 from the year 2020, which deviates a little from the predecessor’s simulation idea.

Tesla Confirmed this weekend the launch of an update to prevent users from their electronic cars to play while the vehicle is moving. The Company launches this measure after research on the part of US authorities, concerned about its misuse.

The Vehicle Safety Law prohibits manufacturers from selling vehicles with failures that present unreasonable risks for safety, including technologies capable of distracting drivers safely, said the equivalent to the equivalent. The DGT in the US — in a statement collected by local media.

To put the reader in context, the NHTSA showed its concern about the Passenger Play introduced by Tesla in more than 580,000 brand vehicles that, among other attractions allowed the companions to enjoy different experiences in the Touch screen placed by the manufacturer in the center of the dashboard, being a powerful distraction for drivers who could also interact with it.

Now, Tesla has guaranteed the immediate distribution of an update to disable its use when the vehicle is moving. At the moment it is unknown if the Passenger Play has been involved in an accident.

580K Tesla vehicles under investigation for game feature that ‘may distract the driver’

If you have followed the current 3D game, Tesla vehicles and video games get pretty good. Such is the point that a few months ago the company said that the new Tesla would have a power similar to PS5, allowing to enjoy experience such as The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Cup head and a long etcetera.