In a few months Xbox Game Pass commemorates his fifth anniversary, and he will do it after living in 2021 year of great headlines where he welcomed dozens of pitches, including Bethesda Great Classics after closing the purchase of the editor by Microsoft At the beginning of course. Now, how much have you been able to save players with your video game subscription?

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The Loadout has wanted to calculate the total amount in one of its latest retrospective publications of the year, finding out that service users have enjoyed News worth 6,300 dollars (5,600 euros to current change). This figure comes from adding the recommended price of all PC and Xbox released to Xbox Game Pass at the official Microsoft store. Obviously, users do not have to buy such video games at full prices, but it is certainly quite exemplary of the benefit of the subscription service for the most players.

The most powerful month of Xbox Game Pass? Always according to the data collected by The Loadout was March, when the Bethesda video games disembark. The company directed by Todd Howard was the number one editor of the service. In fact, only its novelties represent 10% of the value of the highs of 2021.

Xbox Game Pass accumulates more than 18 million subscribers, a figure possibly very far away from the current one, who have been able to enjoy premiere of video games of recognized quality as Age of Empires IV, Fora Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite. By 2022 the dripping of news does not cease, and we will have, for example, Star field.