Is it worth the equipment of a twink Patch 9.2 by Wow Shadow lands yet? This question is probably just some players who can still clearly think about the endless magic tower challenges.

The answer: In addition to media upgrades a lot in Parthia, mythical-plus and Raids to whirl is not so really worth it. Because even Rare-Mobs already drop objects with ITem level 236 in the new Earth Morris area. This has recently noticed WoW-Influencer BRGM (see Tweet below).

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Catch-up Gear in Patch 9.1 and How to Upgrade it to 233
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Catch-up Gear also over normal mythical dungeons.

Although it is the test server of patch 9.2, so it means that it can still be screwed to the item stages, but also made of normal mythical dungeons, bosses 236 equipment drops. Even for 233-Korthia-Gear, it is not really worth it.

What about media upgrades?

Another reason to visit Parthia now are the media upgrades. After all, there are already with patch 9.1.5 the complete 200er appreciation for media quasi gifted. For further upgrades you have to go into the endgame content or collect diligently Parthia relics.

How we learned from the developers there will be no new media ranks. On the PTR for Patch 9.2 we have no further catch-up mechanics in terms of media. From normal mythical dungeons Dropped 184er media. So it looks as if your media upgrade continues to earn over Parthia or later about the RAID. Next Collecting cataloged research is not wrong, as long as Blizzard until the release of patch 9.2 does not consider something else.

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