Destiny 2 is all decorated with a festive mood. The Dawning has returned and thus baking the most popular pastime of all biscuits. In addition to the farms for some classic Destiny 1 weapons, you also have to farm Dawning Spirit. The Dawning Spirit of Destiny 2, however, does not come through the opening of a chest at the end of an activity. To get this spirit, you need to target certain enemies and bring an old tool. Let’s take a look at how you can farm Dawning Spirit quickly.

MAXIMUM Essence of Dawning, Spirit, & Ingredient FARM (The Dawning Guide 2021) | Destiny 2
So farm fast Dawning spirit

The main path to get Dawning Spirit is to bring gifts and complete the headlands. The beautiful thing about these head money is that you make the ingredients you need for gifts while completing the bonuses. So you can double the agriculture from Dawning Spirit. However, there is another way to passively farm Dawning Spirit.

To farm Dawning Spirit passive, you need a fully upgraded starer 7 m. You buy the complete upgrade for the Seafarer of Eva, if you did not have it yet. The reason why you need the upgrade is that you have the opportunity to create Dawning Spirit if you get an ingredient.

With the 7 m equipment you have the chance to get with every enemy you kill, Dawning Spirit. While killing these enemies, they will complete headlands to earn Dawning spirit and generate ingredients. With these ingredients you can make gifts that you can exchange for more Dawning Spirit. This is the most efficient way to breed Dawning Spirit.

With this Dawning Spirit you would like to buy two perks of EVA first. These benefits are called Perky Presents and Perkier Presents. What these advantages do is to add a second advantage to the third or fourth column on Dawning weapons. That’s great because it makes the farms even easier for the desired God roll weapon.

Unfortunately, these benefits only work for Dawning weapons. Easier you can not do his farm of the 30-year weapons. But so you can easily get a god role of Zephyr, the new Stasis sword. If you have more problems with Destiny 2, look at our other instructions.

Destiny 2 is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, PC and Stadia.