The Greenwald in Wow Shadow lands is full of secrets, curiosities and treasures — and sometimes all three at once. The wish grille in Wow, which you can find in different places in the Greenwald, belongs to these special features and rewards you with special prey if you can catch them. How this works and what else has it with the distillery, we will explain you now in the short guide.

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WOWS Wish Grille fulfills no wishes, but…

The wish size is a small animal, just a grille that is found on five different places on the ground of the Greenwald. If you can catch the grille, your prey will get in the form of items and a larger amount of gold. Wishes do not meet the size directly, but you at least have the chance of rewarding Loot.

Here you find the wish billow in WoW

The desired bulk can appear after a current state of the following places:

The Oldest defeat at the coordinates 29/47: Run from Wurzelheim to the river along at cremaster Tishereenelee over to a tree, where a waterfall rushes down. The grille sits in front of the tree under the roots.
Shimmer meals at the coordinates 53/59: goes from the winter sock to the southwest and behind the bridge turn left towards the waterfalls. The grille is located near the small waterfall in three tree roots.
The stems at the coordinates 31/37: Go to the territory in the area and seeks on the small island after the grille.
Calm ponds at the coordinates 62/39: Leave Turn Vial west from Vehicle Master Lanka and is looking for a big tree. The grille hurts behind the tree in water.
Shimmer cascades in the coordinates 51/23: Run from the bridge in the shimmer cascade basin to the north and looking at the island in front of the large waterfall in the east after grille.

If you have found the wish grille, you just have to run over you until you give a chirping of yourself. Then she stops and her can click on her to collect your prey. Negotiate that the grille is pretty fast on the road. In addition, you can only catch them if your shape is not transformed (druids and shamans have to give up their traveling time for a short time).

By the way, you can catch the wish grille multiple times and then also gets randomly selected praise every time. If you want to drive your time a bit, you can repeatedly make yourself look for the little insect. Who has problems find the exact location of the grille, can also look at the videos of Towhead users Tig3re, which cover all five points?

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