The Transfer Market League of Legends continues to give war and many are the teams that have formalized their roster with stellar signings such as Hans Samey and WIPO to Team Liquid or Chevy and Peanut to Gen. G. Well, another team that has completed your roster is t1, the team that will be led by Faker to enlarge further the figure of being the most laureate player in the story of this game. Although the vast majority teams threw the house for sale with multi-million dollar signings, T1 chose to pull out quarry to formalize its team for 2022 with new faces but very promising.

The ROSTER Definitive T1 has gone from 10 players to only 6, although it is likely that we see that it increases as the season progresses. Thus, the team for Spring will be as follows:

Top: Choir Zeus wrote
Jungle: Moon one Hyeon-Joon
MID: Lee Faker Sang-Hyeok

LCK 2022 SUPER TEAMS & T1 Second Roster ? - LCK ROSTER CHANGES & RUMORS 2022
ADC: Lee HUMAYUN Min-hyeong
Support: Kim Jasper Taegu and BYU Beria Minsk

It will be the role of support that will have a player of more for the next few months, being this one of the new faces of the new season as it is Jasper, who was playing so far in the academy together A Berserker who will go to Cloud9. The other player will be Zeus, who will debut as a starter with only 17 years, although he has been in the club since 16. As a curious fact, the To planer only had 9 years when Faker won his first World Cup And now it’s your teammate for 2022. For us to get an idea, the team has an average of just under 20 years and goes up enough because Faker has 26, so it is a template with very good views for the future.