Imagine you are a distinguished streamer and your top subscriber, who has been loyal to you for 16 months and has scored over 100 subgifts, brings you to you as a thank you for loyalty and to Tools. That’s Twitch Streamer Image happens. What Image did not know: the Anonymous Subscriber, who begins him to strange actions, is his brother, who has tried him for over a year.

Everything for the subs

On November 30, Image attracted a gray wig and a blue dress when he started his twitch stream. The streamer carried the outfit at the request of a regular member of his chat, Throne Crosses, who had donated over 100 given subscriptions for his channel last year, hoping that he would wear the wig and dance in stream for his audience.

What Vigo did not know was that Throne Crosses was over his brother all the time, issuing himself as a normal twitch chatter and planned a prank that lasted over a year.

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The prank was 16 months in the making

Image, in wig and dress, danced and towered for his stream to enjoy his spectators.

When dancing stopped, he received a 1,000-bit donation of Throne Crosses, who added the message: I just wanted to say how much I look forward to you and how much fun it has been here. I have 16 months Waited at this moment. Am great proud of you and by the way look at your smartphone.

Signs Brother Throne had subscribed to his brother’s channel for months and was one of the leading donors for the canal, but without pricing his true identity.
Twitch: When your top Sub turns out after 16 months as your brother (2) Source:

If you absolutely want to see your brother in the dress

Later, Throne delivered some contexts for the epic moment and said, 16 months ago I found out that my younger brother is a twitch streamer. Since then, I have secretly subscribed to almost any stream. We are ten years apart and live in different States, so he has no idea that I am.

10 BIGGEST DO'S and DON'TS of Twitch Streaming

I had set to the goal of finally convincing him, in a dress in the stream to Tools. Today, after 16 months, it finally worked out.

If you spend over a year to play his brother a prank, that shows a crazy devotion, and the whole hard work has really been worth it.

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