The SC Paderborn has had a damper in the second Bundesliga in the ascent race.

The Westphalia came in the home game against Hans Rostock after a just offensive to concentric idea not beyond a 1: 1 (0: 1) and thus missed the leap on the relegation place.

There was a premiere at the sideline. Paderborn’s Lukas Kwasniok had to coach as the corner of the Corona Regulation of the district as the first coach in German professional football with mask.

Sven Michel (85th, trading folders) compelled for the SCP, Simon Than (27th) had taken the newcomer before the break. Rostock enlarged with the point his projection on the relegation places to four meters.

Paderborn started unfamiliar, the outsider from Rostock first had more of the game. Than managed the deserved leadership with a dreamlike volley from 18 meters. Kwasniok moved three times to the break, his team was now much more dominant.

???? PK nach dem Spiel: Hansa Rostock vs. SC Paderborn | 2. Bundesliga⚽

But in the last third, it mostly lacked ideas, the best chance to awarded Motor hunters Michel (69th). Then he met from the point.