From time to time, developers correct unpublished content, just to speed up the upcoming update for players. Does Epic Games do this when they accidentally reveal the names of object sets via the game code? Hard to say, the next update of Fortnite has not yet been exit. To tell the truth, there could be a number of reasons why these objects were titled… Wait, Shield? Okay, no matter, it’s pretty clear.

Note for the first time by virtually all deemed sources of strong leaks, the news has begun to spread in the usual way. We have publications on social networks, fans speculations, work. Considering that a Disney property like shield, is not just something you can throw on any old object, it is difficult to blame them.


And as if it was not enough, the moment of this leak makes things much more likely. Hawkeye, a Marvel show with close links with the shield just released on Disney + not so long ago. The cross promotion is an important part of the Fortnite events, so everything meets. Speckle We will probably see some skins from the main characters in the series, in addition to the set of objects we already know. Kate Bishop and the eponymous Hawkeye are the most likely candidates here, which would make the happiness of the fans of the series.

This is not the first time that Fortnite crosses Marvel. Thanos, the Avengers and many others found their place in the Royal Battle sandbox of Fortnite. If there is something that large companies like more than promotion, it’s the cross-promotion — so it’s not surprising to see Disney ask again. If we rely on history, it should be a profitable company for both parties, and we will probably continue to see more in the future.

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