The Spike Video Game Honors, presently called VAX, were an annual honors event, held from 2003 up until 2013 by Spike Television (in Chile by Television, in Spain by the 6th and also Brazil by Red 21), which you choose the finest video games of the year. In its galas, trailers are normally presented from these that will additionally pertain to the future, to reveal themselves to the media. They have actually constantly been celebrated in the United States cities of Los Angeles as well as Santa Monica, The golden state, along with in Las Vegas, Nevada.
The rewards have actually received criticism by choosing the nominees and also winners based upon the players’ area. The victors are selected via online by the public, which has caused some fields of the specialized criticism to consider the prizes as a plain appeal contest. On the various other hand, the gala is a fantastic event for the discussion of Some titles that will certainly appear in years to find.

Anyone who operates a developer studio in Germany and meets some prerequisites can apply from the state game promotion. These subsidies do not have to be repaid and may amount to several million euros. But to get the promotion, the games must meet certain requirements. Exactly these rules were adjusted again for the next round and defined more precisely. Among other things, there are clearer prerequisites with regard to the accessibility of games.

Ministry of Transport delivers update of the conditions for video game promotion

It’s about it: The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMI) promotes the development of video games in Germany with the help of subsidies. Overall, the state wants to invest 50 million euros annually. In order to get part of it, however, the developer studios must submit applications for promotion and their games must meet some conditions. Some of them have now been specified more detailed.

So it works so far: As reports, after a pilot phase with 230 smaller and medium-sized games since September 2020 have already been granted more than 100 applications for large projects. Various studios, which obviously attributed to SMEs, have received grants in the seven-digit euro area, i.e. over a million euros.

Next Round starts: Now the next round of Games promotion should be initiated, for which the BMI has turned to potential applicants. The capacity call declares that sufficient means available and from December 1st, the new round starts promotes. For those applications can be made from the beginning of December, too new conditions.

New more accurate rules: Some aspects of the funding conditions have now been reformulated again and more accurately. Above all, which concerns the topic of accessibility, the applications must now explain exactly how to ensure that as many people can play the subsidized titles as possible. This can happen, for example, by button remapping, more optional subtitles, additional options and much more.

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In addition, in the new conveyor call, it was also determined once again how it has to be detected that the developer studio has already completed a prototype. This should happen, for example, with the help of trailers. How exactly it continues with Games promotion in Germany, it remains exciting: Currently, it still remains unclear whether something changes with the new government, or whether the Ministry of Transport will continue to be responsible.

How do you find the new, specific requirements for the video game promotion?