What was again Pragmatic ? Cap Coms mysterious Sci-Fi adventure was presented in June last year as one of the first true Next-Gen games as one of the first genuine Next-Gen games and has ever been due to absence. Apart from the trailer and a handful of artwork, Cap com has not leaked to pass his new brand over the past one and a half years.

PRAGMATA - Coming 2023
When will Pragmatic appear?

Now there is a new information, but it should not be the ones who have been waiting for the interested players. How Cap com announced in a blog entry on its website, Pragmatic will not appear any more as originally planned next year, but only 2023. The reason is Cap Com only, you want to create the unforgettable adventure as possible.

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But after all, the publisher searched for a charming way to announce the shift: in a short video clip is a blond girl to see how she holds a shield with the scribbled, new date into the camera:

What is pragmatic?

The girl is already known from the announcement trailer who introduced the surreal, to Video Kolyma Sci-Fi setting of Pragmatic. The trailer shows an astronaut, who trudges through a deserted New York and encounters the hologram girl including transparent cat. Then a satellite pirates the sky and the two will be worn out, whereupon they suddenly find themselves on the surface of the moon. Nothing is known about Gameplay and Story.

Pragmatic appears for PS5?

Pragmatic should appear 2023 for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X. The original blog entry for the game continues to promise that there will be 2021 new details.

From Stefan Wilhelm
22.11.2021 at 14:20