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GRIME - Grungy, creepy, plasticine metroidvania (Demo gameplay) | Graeme Games
In a little over a month, platform fans will have something new to get there. Keep in mind that nothing here is like what you want to put in your mouth. All looks scary, horrible and downright… filthy. Grime is an action-adventure RPG with platform elements. Its as if the designers had only one invite to create the creatures and enemies of this game: nightmarish. Almost everything you will encounter has additional members or a skeleton / bone exposed. Oh, and it will probably be very difficult.

In Grime, players will use a variety of weapons and powers, both for combat and crossing. It also seems that your appearance will change depending on what you equip, because your arsenal evolves when you absorb the enemies you fight. You will visit all kinds of caves, tunnels, desolate cliffs and just about all the low places you want to avoid. You will probably recognize familiar gameplay items that can be found in games like Hollow Knight or ORI Games that mix a specific platform and fight.

If you like platform games, RPGs and distinctive style games, you may want to take a glance. However, it will not be launched on a wide variety of platforms. Grime will be released on August 2 on PC and Stadia, but I hope other consoles will be considered later.

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