Dimitrios Grammars, the coach of FC Schalke 04, has criticized the highly controversial foul for Welder Bremen in the post-1: 1 (0: 0) in second division top game on Saturday night with significant words.

If you do not recognize a very clear hand game of the Bremen Spiders Plus Schalke — thats just incredible, said Grammars in the press conference after the game.

That blown today all the frames. People should question themselves if thats the right way, said the Schalke trainer. The penalty was an absolute impudence today, as I have never experienced her. But the people do not care.

FIFA referee Tobias Staider had decided in the detention time after a duel between Schalke Henning Patrician and Bremen Roger Scale to wonder all involved in the view of the video images on penalty.

The referees experts of Collins heir emphasized that at least the denounced hand game would have been rated other than those other than called by Schalke side and ultimately had not been suspicious of the rules, because no goal has fallen.

Welders Nicolas Fuller in any case turned to 1: 1. Simon Eroded had taken Schalke in the 82nd minute. We are simply cheated, said Schalkes Schalkes board Peter Label at Schalke1 to the penalty scene.