What pragmatic is actually for a game, nobody knows. It is certain, however, that we have to be patient for longer.

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PRAGMATA - Coming 2023
Cap com will work longer to Pragmatic than accepted how to take a post on Twitter. The targeted release next year was postponed to 2023. It is still as good as nothing to the game known, except the starting situation: Pragmatic plays in a dystopic future on the moon. Further details are not available. For this, the Annunciation Trailer has left a lot of questions. What happened to the people on Earth? What role does the little blonde girl play, and why did she obviously survive on Earth? Even the atmosphere on the moon she does not seem to be able to harm without room suit.

But without a new material Cap com does not want to leave the fans back. The Japanese Publisher has published a new artwork for the appointment displacement. To see is again the blond girl standing in front of a futuristic apparatus. Maybe this is a device that will play an important role in Pragmatic. But thats just a guess on our part.