held companies 672 1,393 booths from 40 countries

resume a top priority for Defense and Security Exhibition offline

BTC pipe, expanding the variety of attractions also online

BTB tube and overseas buyers through participation in an association of online

exhibition hall other indoor facilities utilization, expand Special Events

The gaming industry, past and present, the international game exhibition with a view to the future G-Star 2021 today (17) in the finale of the film raises BEX CO.

This year celebrated its 17th anniversary, G-Star 2021 will be held for 5 days to come 21 days in Korea Game Industry Association hosted the G-Star Committee and the Susan IT Industry Promotion Agency is to take a co-sponsored today (17) to start the opening ceremony at 2:00 pm do.

Joseungrae lawmakers Wednesday opening ceremony, including gangsincheol Star Organizing Committee and bakhyeongjun Susan Metropolitan City, with the Democrats Helen Oh lawmakers national strength, Air Force National Assembly, with the Democrats ryuhojeong lawmakers per definition, Liberty s shooting Susan City Council, jeongmunseop will brighten the place to attend chapter Susan IT industry Promotion Agency.

In the game industry, and with the President Young — Teacup of the main sponsor of the Games, including cocoa jogyehyeon CEO Craftsman tons of gimchanghan CEO shift. And related organizations in the field and johyeonrae Korea Creative Content Agency, Kim Kyushu attended the Game Rating Board Chairman.

Along with plans to celebrate the success of the G-Star 2021 also with Yaobang CNN CEO, Lee, TAE — Six BEX CO CEO.

G-Star 2021, a top priority for Defense and Security Exhibition Resume offline

This year G-Star will be held (including online participation) from 40 countries 672 companies, 1,393 booths.

Gangsincheol Star Organizing Committee has the The G-Star participation submitted determine the difficulties and uncertainties offline exhibition participation even caused by the corona 19 Thanks to both companies, said five days offline and online both safe and enjoyable games festival anywhere will do my best until the end so that you can enjoy, he said.

BTC with pipes, on and offline to various attractions indie exhibition

BTC pipe is not used for outdoor and other facilities in order to strengthen defenses are held in BEX CO Exhibition Hall No. 1 Chamberlain (Booth 1393).

Domestic enterprises have participated in the Games, such as cocoa, Craftsman tone, Gravity, shift up, inventory, Angel Games, Red Brick day, entertainment and foreign enterprises have established the booth, including Tencent Aurora Studios, KDKA Games. In addition, the Susan dike the neck is suited Festival teukbyeolgwan BIC 2021 work of more than 30 indie games that come in the G-Star 2021 Indie Showcase the works of more than 30 have passed the examination of indie games are supported in a special exhibition.

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G-Star is operated directly on-site special stage and proceed to the scene program called The Daily G, booths time attack every five days. Along with progress in the field of e-sports competition stage emitter 21 days from 10 am coming with KT & Entertainment Day, and 13:00 pm The G-Star 2021 Game Cosplay Awards goes Beginning 30 minutes.

G-Star 2021 to be held for five days, and is operated in a manner similar to G-Star online TV broadcast channels and venues operating hours. Fans do not live and pre-recorded video broadcasts of the major programs that occur in the field via Twitch TV and Africa to visit the site through which also celebrated online.

BTB tube and overseas buyers through participation in the association s online

BTB tube and using a second BEX CO Exhibition Hall 1F, was composed of 313 booths.

Domestic enterprises have many SMEs through the joint pavilion of the relevant agencies, including the Susan IT Industry Promotion Agency, Kwangju Information & Culture Industry Promotion Agency, Chung global Game Center along with Remade, NHN, Weed play was involved. And foreign companies in a one-composed the ASEAN Center, exciter Solar, the Australian Embassy Trade and Investment Mission, Canadian Embassy, ​​including the TikTok booth.

On the other hand, due to the reduced corona 19 is offline participation of overseas companies and buyers, the Business Matching live via an online video meeting system was introduced from 2020 through online participation as the 2021 it is more active and expanding sustainable.

And the 584 companies of 40 countries, including offline and online participants live business matching, etc. Domestic companies are Nixon, Smile gate, Notable, Dev Sisters, Line Games, Supercell, NC soft, Pearl Abyss, Gametic, Neo wiz participation and foreign enterprises such as by INAMI, SEGA, Fundamentally Games, Vivid Games, Seoul, Revolver Digital, Behavior Interactive, Meta Publishing, Perfect World, Hybrid Squad, War gaming, Activision Blizzard participate underway live business matching.

G-Star Conference (G-CON), ‧-scale upgrade more information

Major Events of the G-Star G-Star conference will be held in two days BEX CO Convention Hall, 2nd floor from April 2021 to November 18th to 19th.

SCS | November 16, 2021 - Board Re-org and Meeting, 2:45pm
The conference will be conducted as the nation s top gaming conference, one of the forms of collaboration with the IGC and the session consists of a wide range of topics, including the met averse, indie, console, PC, online, mobile, and cloud.

Day 1 keynote speech, the project and Young — TAE representatives of the shift-up that develops, Day 2 keynote speeches in this chapter Jenkins CO lecture, which oversees the met averse from SET NO division proceeds.

This year s conference will be conducted also lectures on a variety of indie game developers with a glimpse into the current game industry, other related topics spanning the met averse my influence, original and creative ideas.

Exhibition hall other facilities utilized progress Events

While planning the association and other events with the various key facilities in Susan other original exhibition, the G-Star Events on the two indoor facilities in accordance with outdoor strengthen quarantine rules were established.

In Susan, the sports stadium located in Susan in writing G-Star Cup Sports Festival (GUEST) will be held this coming proceed 3-19 days 21 days secret and fans as a mediator games and e-sports, family communicate with, and it will provide a place to enjoy.

In addition, proceeds to December 12 in Susan Museum of Art coming from the third floor, G-Star 2021 during exhibition Fantasy Journey today (17). BTC participation has been prepared in collaboration with the sign Gravity, through the special exhibition that combines the art and the game was designed for the purpose of spreading the game value as a culture.