That the Xbox Game Pass is financially no viable service, you hear again and again. Whether such a service pays off, which includes full price games such as Star field or The Elder Scrolls VII for a monthly amount, so be questionable.

Xbox Chef Phil Spencer gave the following in an answer to this question in an interview:

I mean, you can calculate the Game Pass. I guess, you do not know how many subscribers [we have] or how much everyone pays subscriber, but you can make some pretty well-founded decisions and literally simply recalculate what we think, what the game pass could ultimately be — you can do that for do every part of the business.

But absolutely, the Game Pass is portable.

But you do not just relieve yourself of the growth of the Xbox Game Pass. Of course, it is part of the Xbox strategy, so Spencer, but it is not the only focus of the company.

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It s not the only thing that grows at Xbox. It is not the only focus of the company, and as an independent thing, it is very portable in its current form. It is portable.

Spencer also said that no heap would burn money to later have a pot full of gold, like many. The Xbox Game Pass works in its current form.