The Craft Tone (representative Kim, Han) said that the PUBG: Battleground (PUBG: Battlegrounds, Battleground) Global E Sports Competition, Battle Grand Company (PGC) 2021 winner forecasting event Pix Dem Challenge.

The Pix Dem Challenge, which is running for each battleground IPO competition, is an event that will be rewarded if you predict and succeed.

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The winner forecast events of PGC 2021 are ▲ Weekly Final Top 4 Team Prediction ▲ Weekly Kill Point MVP Prediction.

The upper team forecasts the upper team forecasts can acquire 18,700 EPS per week for a successful prediction of both the top 4 teams. Weekly Kill Point MVP forecasts are the team that is expected to record the most kilts of the Weekly Final Match.

If the prediction succeeds, 15,000 EPs can be obtained. In the Grand Final Week, you can predict the top 4 teams and the top four teams of the Grand Final period.

Voting rights can be obtained free of charge on a dedicated cord or game in a private code that is published on the PGC 2021 live (PGC 2021) and can be obtained through PGC 2021 special item purchases. PGC 2021 Special items are 4 species:

The winner forecast voting is held until 6:00 pm on December 18, which is the last day of the Grand Final. Ranking Prediction Success and Battle Ground Spots Official EP Gain through various events on the official twitch channels can be exchanged for a variety of compensation items from 11:00 am to 11 am in the game in the game in the game.

PGC 2021 Special item sales of sales revenue is allocated to the participating professional team, and the total number of total inclement will be greater in 200 million dollars (about 2.340 million won).

PGC 2021 is a form that combines on-offline from Paradise City Plaza located in Inchon Youngjongdo, from November 19 to December 19th to December 19th.