In the video game market, 2022 is anticipated to see the launch of many brand-new video clip games. The many hold-ups in software and hardware releases because of the extension of the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly influenced advancement timetables, resulting in lots of video games being postponed right into this year or indefinitely.

Panic has announced that Playmate, its exclusive portable game system with crank, will no longer be sent to be sent in 2021 and, on the other hand, it was delayed until 2022 for its initial shipping round. Unlike that the recent delay of Steam Deck by Valve is due to a general shortage of components and problems of the supply chain, the playmate delay seems to have a more specific reason for the delay: defective batteries.

The Playdate handheld has been DELAYED until 2022 due to problems with the battery & CPU shortages????
According to the announcement, a critical problem of battery was discovered with a late playmate and finally caused the team that manufactured the systems replaced all the batteries of Playmates in production. Although the new batteries have caused the delay, there is an advantage since the company affirms that the new batteries will also mean that the systems have significantly improved the battery life.

This quickly became a duration research stress ball, and we stopped production at the factory, says Panic Label Passer in the first newsletter of Playmate Owners Update sent to those who have anticipated orders. Today. We made the difficult and expensive decision to replace all our existing batteries by new ones from a totally different battery provider.

However, the delay and reason were not the only announcements made by Panic for Playmate. The playmates manufactured in the future will also have new CPU chips and redesigned plates due to the shortage of chips around the world, the Public Beta version of Playmate Pulp will be launched in January and a full Playmate SDK is scheduled for February. As for the games in the system, the first title season will start with two games launched at the time someone configures their playmate followed by two new games every Monday during the next three months.

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As noted above, the first batch of 20,000 Playmate units is scheduled to be sent in early 2022. An exact date or month has not been announced. You can check all our previous coverage of the next Panic portable game system right here.

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