The whole of November it is called Employment Your Next Game! Here you can see how our LiveStream program looks like a lot of exclusive gameplay.

What is Fang? With Find Your Next Game, we want to bring about my new games from Mango with our colleagues of Gamester and Game pro. There are several weeks during our Expo distributed game ideas, new preview videos, analysis to publisher reveals, live streams and more.

Also, on our streaming channels at Max (Monsters and Explosion) and the Gamester on YouTube, there will be cool streams in which we talk about the latest events in gaming and of course video games. You can count on a lot of exclusive gameplay material.

Most important information at a glance

How long is Fang: Expo? From 10 to 28 November
When is streamed? The streams can be found every Wednesday and Thursday from 16:00 to 22:00
Where is streamed? Our streams can be found on the YouTube channel of the Gamester and on Twitch at Max (Monsters and Explosion)

There is still : We also have a live podcast once a week with our podcast team and guests to a current topic. In the first week, it s about 10 years Skyrim — the Open World, who changed everything.

In this article, you can now currently find our program plan for the Livestream as well as new game requirements and analyzes of our editors.

Games we talk about this week

Today, 10 November, we have the following program items for you:

16: 00: Warm-up

Are you also interested in topics related to Called Romployment Games?

16: 15 clock: Your topics in the talk
16: 30: Elder Ring — Conclusion after 15 hours Gameplay
17: 00: Ever space 2 — Release postponed, what s coming to 2022?
17: 30: Age of Empires 4 — How is it now?
18: 00: The Cycle Frontier — What makes the reboot different?
18: 30: Agricultural Simulator 2022 — Recent changes before release
19: 00: Your topics in the talk
19: 3 pm: Community game of the year: Death s Door Vs. Resident Evil Village
19: 45: Fora Horizon 5 — Test Video

Game Convention Pickups: Rare games and 2 new consoles!
20: 00: Age of Empires 4 — Maurice plays live

Of course, there is also talking crowds and exciting guests again: developers and well-known streamer. Turns on and discusses with us about the latest events in the gaming, announcements, reveals and your own topics from the community.

All information and the previously published articles on Fang can be found in our big info hub:

Find Your Next Game