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Why you SHOULD preorder Elden Ring: All Editions & Collector's Edition Revealed
The Elden Ring – Collector s Edition can now be pre-ordered for 189.99 euros at Amazon, but currently only for the PlayStation 4. Whether the Collector s Edition will be available at a later date for Xbox at Amazon, is previously unknown. Elden Ring – Collector s Edition [PlayStation 4] – 189.99 Euro In the Bandai Namco Shop, the Xbox version is available from anyflat and also waiting for further editions on all ELDEN ring fans: Premium Collector s Edition Edition – 259,99 Euro Collector s Edition – 189,99 Euro Launch Edition – 69.99 euros On Xbox players also currently waiting for the following versions: Pre-order – Elden Ring Deluxe Edition – 89,99 Euro Pre-order – Elden Ring – 69.99 euros Elden Ring – Amazon – 69,99 Euro Here is a video about the figure: