The former DFB President Fritz Keller has again trained to the Great Rollaway against Rainer Koch. The current co-interim president is someone who has lost any moral compass, which has been massively under pressure for years, people inside and outside the DFB with his cables, said Keller in the interview with the Sport picture.

I am firmly convinced that he has at least co-initiating the dirt campaigns against predecessors from me and against me about the DFB-paid media consultant Kurt Diekmann, added the 64-year-old. Basement had announced his resignation in office on 17 May in the course of an escalated power struggle within the German Football Federation (DFB) after only 598 days.

It s time that it s an end, Cellar demanded a look at cooking in the association. The influential president of the Bavarian Football Association is for a long time his power games at the DFB, he distributes people who are associated with expense compensation, Keller said, For me he did the DFB to a closed shop. The association has become a self-service shop.

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DFB-Präsident Fritz Keller: Wir sind am Tiefpunkt angelangt | das aktuelle sportstudio - ZDF

Indirectly, the former club president of the SC Freiburg called on his adversary to withdraw from his offices: One with decency would not want to further burden the Süddeutsche and the Bavarian Football Association in such a field presentation.