The list of electric car prototypes is intended to list all battery-electric powered electric car test carriers, prototypes, demonstration vehicles, recorder vehicles and development projects as far as they relate to complete cars. This includes pre-series cars, whereby the names of the models, information on production performance and quantities of pre-production production and the pre-planned final series production are interested here. Electric racing cars are now guided in a separate list of electro racing cars.

By contrast, electric cars already produced in final series already produced in either manufacturer s own distribution or regular trading are compiled in series production in the list of electric cars.
Furthermore, the list of historical electric cars and prototypes produced in series should perform all electric cars, which are historical, that is, belong to the category Oldtimer, so older than 30 years old, and either produced in series or built as prototypes.
In series production vehicles, which are equipped with electric drive, but also test carriers, prototypes, demonstration vehicles, record vehicles and development projects in electrical commercial vehicles can be found in the list of electrical commercial vehicles and electrical commercial vehicle prototypes.
Fuel cell vehicle models and hybrid vehicle models are not guided in the tables below. As far as hybrid vehicle models is concerned, reference is made to the list of hybrid automobiles in series production. For fuel cell vehicle models that have already been built as prototypes or concept vehicles, fuel cell vehicles and concept vehicles available as a reference point for a listing.
River cell electric cars, ie electric cars, each equipped with redesigned redox flow battery and electric drive, are led in a special section in this list. They form a special category and are only listed here until they receive space in a separate Wikipedia article.
Solar mobile, including solar cars designed for road traffic, form a special category; You will not be listed here, but in the list of solar vehicles. Road compatible battery electric cars attached to whose outdoor areas are photovoltaic systems are attributed to the solar cars if the electrical energy derived from the solar cells is supplied to the traction battery of the battery electrical drive.
Electric triplets will, if they like cars, are not directed like motorcycles, exceptionally guided in this list, although they are not a cars by definition.

Elmcreek in Agricultural Simulator 22 confronts with the circumstances of the Midwest of the USA.

In just under a month, the agricultural simulator 22 comes to the market and will probably delight thousands of players. But not all content is known and so developer Giants software uses the time and distributes new information about the popular simulator series at regular intervals.

One of the three new Agricultural Simulator 22 environments will be the card Elmcreek. This Map was inspired by the Midwest of the United States. For example, you will find a rocky gorge there, a hidden cave, track surveillance, a baseball stadium and some other things. The surrounding area is also characterized by small streams and rivers as well as extensive fields.

Due to the differences in height, you must pay attention to a few things in agriculture, which do not fall into weight on completely flat terrain. On Elmcreek you can also expand your farm in all directions, and connect the 81 prefabricated fields or even connect to each other so as to get more yields.

The Agricultural Simulator 22 appears on November 22 for the PC, Mac, the PlayStation 5, the Xbox Series X / S, the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One and Stadia. If you order the game, you will receive the Claas Xerion Saddle Trac package as a bonus on top.

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