Microsoft Flight Simulator began as a series of articles on computer graphics, written by Bruce Artwick throughout 1976, on the use of flight simulation in 3D graphics. When the editor of the magazine said to Artwick that subscribers were interested in buying this type of programs, Artwick Sublogic Corporation founded to market him. At first the new company sells via email until January 1980 with the launch of Flight Simulator for Apple II computer. Little later, the videogame begins to be marketed for other operating systems and computers.

The coming simulation Priest Simulator starts with a free prologue on Steam and gives interested parties into the first episode of the game. The games trailer also lures with disturbing pictures and plenty of WTF moments. What expects you in the crazy simulator, let s look at more closely.

Expects Steam a new simulator masterpiece?

Whether the upcoming priest simulator becomes really bad, we can not judge 100 percent, but the first trailer exposes character models from the ghost train, woody animations and an interface to get used to.

But the game seems to beat in a similar score like Trash Title à la Goat Simulator and exudes a very special and own charm again.

At the priest simulator, unlike many genre representatives, it is all other than leisurely – here the players expect a lot of action , more frequent shooter deposits included. But the management of the church is on the plan – builds them out, executes communions, exorcisms and much more.

The game takes anything but serious and the priesthood belonging to the shippets, as the chaotic trailer of the game also proves:

plays the priest simulator for free

The priest simulator from the Studio Asmodev should first appear 2022 , which is not supposed to stop you to take a look into the wrong spectacle. With Priest Simulator: Heavy Duty will give you the developers in a first episode , which brings you the priest vampire existence in a sandbox version closer.

The tasks that expect to you are quite simple and of course wrapped:

Improves Shatanists (a spelling mistake or a further development of satanists? We do not know)
Defeat the boss
Tests the crazy weapons
Removed Graffiti
Collects money from the faithful
Drive a strange car
And drink alcohol

According to the developers at the end , the finished PC game should offer over 100 missions in a grotesque and absurd atmosphere. Console ports are also planned.

Simulators are the perfect breeding ground for drafted ideas, as the following picture section also proves:

An upcoming priest simulator for Steam lures with a wounded concept and seems to be in the footsteps of simulation sizes such as the Goat Simulator. PC players can now get into a free prologue and make their own picture of the crazy game.