One of the great novelties of the spectacular Battlefield 2042 is related to its Specialist System , which is born with the intention of giving players a greater freedom of action with many more options to combat the way they prefer. The new thing about says will be premiered with 10 specialists that will break with the classic space of four traditional soldier classes, and in this new video we can see in action the five that remained to be discovered.

The beta left bad sensations of the specialists between the players The authors of the latest Star Wars: Battlefront have also taken advantage of the opportunity to give good account of everything learned during the open beta of which thousands of players enjoyed the world. In this sense, they warn, during this stage of evidence We hear some opinions about the specialists were limiting the teamwork , and we wanted to deal with this situation decidedly ; Inform the development team. There were several factors in the game during the beta that contributed to generate this perception on the role played by squads .

The authors of Battlefield 2042 affirm that to prevent some bugs from being seen during this open beta, some options and functions were disabled from one way or another affected the game sensations. None of this we will see in the final version of a warlike shooter who promises to face the most spectacular and exciting battles of the saga to date.

He says he recalls that each specialist presents a game style and unique skills , so players will have more opportunities to combine and create squads with ways to fight different from the usual. More bearing in mind that as we progress from level, we will have access to more gadgets and unique equipment of these specialists.

These new details have been released just a few days after Battlefield 2042 presents its last game mode, Hazard Zone. Here in 3DGames we already had the opportunity to prove in depth the new says as we have you in our Battlefield 2042 impressions.