San Pedro Sula is a city of the Republic of Honduras, administrative capital of the department of Cortés and one of the largest cities in Central America and the second city in the population behind the twin cities of Tegucigalpa and Comayagüela. Among other samples of its importance, the city is the headquarters of the most important industrial companies in the country, so it is also known as the country s industrial capital. This city is flanked by the Sierra del Omoa, and is located at the southwest extreme of the extensive and fertile Sula Valley, a region that generates approximately 62 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and 68% of exports of The nation is also the only non-capital city of all Central America with strategic and industrial importance.
San Pedro Sula was founded on June 27, 1536, under the name of San Pedro de Puerto Horses by the Spanish conqueror Pedro de Alvarado. Initially, the Villa was established in the indigenous town of Choloma, north of the current city and very close to Puerto Cortés. [6] Because of this proximity to this port, the Villa de San Pedro, was a victim of attacks and looting By European pirates who disembarked in that port. [7] For this reason, the Spanish authorities were forced to relocate the villa in more than one chance.
For more than two centuries since its foundation, the demographic growth of San Pedro Sula was quite slow. Currently, San Pedro Sula is the city with the highest population growth rate of Honduras, [8] the economic development reached as a result of the arrival of the Transnational Banananer at the beginning of the 20th century, and the subsequent establishment of parks Industriales (ZIP) In the Sula Valley greatly promoted the population increase in San Pedro Sula. [9]
San Pedro Sula, seated on lowlands, often has an overwhelming climate. [10] This can be extremely hot and humid. [11] The dry season, or summer in San Pedro Sula extends since December until The month of April. The months of March and April are the hottest and coldest months of the city. The rainy season or winter of San Pedro Sula extends from the month of May until November, which helps cool the temperature a little. The months of August are generally the wettest months. [12]

When the Government of Pedro Sánchez announced the so-called cultural bonus , the opinions in favor and against the networks flooded. More even if it is possible, when it was announced what it included .

As it happens in other European countries such as France, this measure offers young people a cultural bonus for spending on movies, theaters, music, art, video games, comics or books .

This bonus, valued at 400 euros , is not the taste of all. In particular, Pablo Married, President of the Popular Party , has already criticized several times the inclusion of videogames and comics in the cultural bonus.

In other words, married considers comics and videogames as a cultural good minor . This is also araged to the professionals and amateurs of tauromaquia, for the non-inclusion of the bulls .

Sánchez must tell the truth in Europe and if it will do what he said in his congress: if he will repeal the labor reform, shoot taxes, waste funds so that young voters buy comics and intervene housing to individuals and companies causing more price rise.

  • Pablo married white (@Pablocasado ) October 21, 2021

And yes, Pablo Married has turned back against two of our passions. This time he he has done it at the European PP headquarters in Brussels , alleging that the European funds are being wicked .

We will buy comics and videogames with the help that the community partners give us? Are you going to tell you here? , He says married at the doors of the European PP headquarters.

Beyond that married does not agree with that video games and comics are culture, this is also a message from criticism towards Pedro Sánchez , for its management of European funds.

However, he is wrong in his affirmation. And it is that the cultural bonus is a measure with views of the general budgets of the State, which affect the national key and not at European level.

Go to continue doing a public spending to buy votes, such as the bonus for the new 18-year voters with the European effort?

Apart from this, it seems that A Pablo married does not seem well that young people spend the 400 euros of the cultural bonus in videogames and comics . Undoubtedly, it is culture, and is demonstrated every day.

This cultural bonus is not something exclusive to Spain. In France there is PASS CULTURE , established in 2019 and that gives young people (from 15 to 18 years old) The possibility of buying video games, going to cinema, going to theaters or museums, buying books. ..

What do you think? Are you in accordance with Pablo married statements ? The truth is that video games and comics are an indisputable part of our culture, even though there are sectors that do not think the same.

Source: Pablo Married