Eternal enemies carry out endless wars . On this occasion, Total War: Warhammer 3 follows the wake of his previous epic presentations and shows us a battle between the Great Catai, a military fortress, and the troops of Kairos weadestinos, the great demon of the god of Chaos Tzeentch. The first details of this multitudinal combat can be seen in the last trailer of the game , where the resistance of the Great Catai is taught defend the Great Wall .

The trailer shows aspects like the three doors that we will defend in the Great Catai in this video, some aspects that will define war for the control of the wall, such as the structure of it and the Different points that we should defend. To carry out such objective, we will use thousands of soldiers with which to form strategies for Tzeentch, one of the gods of chaos, can not penetrate the doors of the wall.

However, the most crucial characteristics of the battle are added to the skills of the storm dragon , daughter of the Emperor and commander of the defending armies, who must remain firm to keep his father s empire intact. Enemy assaults. In this sense, the young woman will have the possibility to use her electrical powers of her of her to attack the rival troops and generate benefits to the allies of her.

Therefore, Creative Assembly fulfills his promise to show us surprises and allows us to take a first look at one of the most bloody wars of his next WAR: Warhammer 3. A title that, although recently has been delayed, will comply with a date of Launch scheduled for this 2021 . For the time being, only PC users can create war strategies with Total War: Warhammer 3, but the study does not lose sight of the development of the last generation of consoles. So, with a bit of luck, players of all kinds of platforms will have the chance of witness this eternal war .