It approaches Halloween and with that the desire for not a few users for enjoying great adventures of terror capable of putting fear in the body. In this sense, one who is calling attention lately on is Poppy Playtime, who challenges players to try to escape from a toy factory in abandoned appearance, but inhabited by a series of dolls that you do not want to see in your house.

This video game, adventure and challenges challenges to explore the place with the help of a portable backpack, or Grabpack , equipped with two extendable arms intended for several uses, such as reaching distant objects, driving electricity, etc. ., There is no more limit than the user s imagination and developers to do intricate puzzles . All this without forgetting the toys present there.

The next big indie horror game? Sign me up [Poppy Playtime]

Poppy Playtime has a narrative premise, which takes the user to try to discover the truth behind the strange disappearance of the employees of the Playtime Co. factory, touling along the road with toys that could well be colleagues of doll adventures like Annabelle Or Chucky, back these days on television.

In the accompanying trailer, as well as images, users can get a more in depth idea of ​​this horror adventure. At the moment it is available on PC through Steam, although not entirely. Its managers have launched the first chapter, premiered a few days ago an update to incorporate texts into Spanish. It is unknown if Poppy Playtime will arrive at a later date on consoles.

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