Tokyo Revengers It was one of the great surprises that the world of anime introduced us during the last season. The adaptation of Ken Wakui s work has been received with open arms. While the first part has already come to an end, recently became known that this manga will finally be published in Mexico .

Through the official account of him on Twitter, Panini revealed that the manga of Tokyo Revengers will begin to be published in Spanish as of January 2022 . For only $ 139 pesos, the fans of this work will have the opportunity to buy a new volume every month.

???? this title does not need a presentation.
The most requested series (without a one that is approaching) will arrive in Mexico in January.
Monthly periodicity.
Price: $ 139 c / u
With extras that we will reveal in the future.

  • paninimangamx (@paninimangamx) October 19, 2021

There are currently 24 volumes published in Japan , which will arrive in our country over two years. Considering that Ken Wakui does not yet finish writing the story of Tokyo Revengers , this number could increase in the future. Without a doubt, some good news for fans.

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Editor s note:

Although several people do not like Panini s work, no one can deny the effort that is being made to bring us the most popular sleeves of the moment. Although Pandemia affected production last year, along 2021 we have seen new series and special editions that are worthwhile.

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