Frozen es una franquicia de medios de Disney comenzada en 2013 por la película animada Frozen, la cual fue dirigida por Chris Buck y Jennifer Lee con un guion de Lee y producida por Peter Del Vecho, con las canciones de Robert Lopez y Kristen Anderson-Lopez. Walt Disney Animation Studios dejó como productor ejecutivo a John Lasseter. La película original es inspirada en el cuento de Hans Christian Andersen titulado como La reina de las nieves.
Desde su lanzamiento en noviembre de 2013, la franquicia comenzó a expandirse rápidamente. A la fecha, la franquicia incluye atracciones en parques temáticos de Disney, videojuegos, libros, un show en Disney on Ice, un musical en Broadway y dos cortos animados. Disney confirmó una secuela, y una nueva serie de libros. En noviembre de 2014,, ha explicado como Frozen es más que una película, es una marca mundial, una franquicia que ha construido varios productos, parques temáticos y secuelas para el siguiente siglo. El analista ejecutivo de Boxoffice, Phil Contrino fue citado diciendo que se ha vuelto masivo .[1]​

At the weekend, a short gameplay clip to Elden Ring was jelly on YouTube. Of several channels he disappeared again. But even on Twitter, the short sequence can be seen, for example in the tweet embedded below.

27 seconds gameplay

With a length of 27 seconds, the scope of the Elden Ring videos is manageable. To see is the figure of the player, which is around in a rocky environment with a large fortress in the background. According to Jeff Grubb, the scene is based on the Xbox One, probably even on the upgrade version.

The Leaker says that this is the Xbox One version. I tap due to the frame rate on the Xbox One X. It s a few weeks old. The capture hardware is obviously of poor quality, as grubb in a tweet.

Alleged Elden Ring Footage from Xbox One.

  • Jeff Grubb (@Jeffgrubb) October 16, 2021

With closer consideration, a few more details can be seen in the video to Elden Ring . First of all, the armor used has already been shown in another trailer and is most likely the starting equipment for at least one of the builds. At the top of the screen, a compass can also be recognized, which indicates a waypoint when looking away east.

It should be noted that in the video a still unfinished version moves into focus, which is not representative of the final game. Ultimately, it is not known where the gameplay video of Elden Ring comes from. However, curios is that it is one of the shortest leaks of the recent past, but offers quite a scope for elden ring relationships, as earlier leaks showed less than ten seconds of blurred off-screen material.

From Japan also introduced new pictures to Elden Ring . They come from the Play Play Play Livestream and show a vibrant game world, whereby the day-night cycle of the game is recognizable:

Some More Shots Depicting Day N Nite Cycles

  • Mordecai (@eldenringupdate) October 16, 2021

More messages to Elden Ring

Until her self create hand and immerse in the game world of Elden Ring , does not take much time. If there is no short-term shifts, the title will be published on January 21, 2022 for consoles PS5, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S as well as for the PC. If you want to find out more about the latest work from FROM software, then a look at our news overview of Elden Ring .

Further messages to Elden Ring.