In addition, Elden Ring is said to have an unusual MAP structure according to his producer.

For the fact that Elden Ring should appear in about three and a half months, we know astonishingly little about the new role-playing game of From Software. Yes, there was a gameplay trailer and selected press representative was already shown a demo, but from other games whose release date is in such a close future, we would have already seen much more. But in a from-software title you may not want to go into the game with a lot of prior knowledge. In addition, Producer Yasuhiro Kitao recently revealed a few new details.

In conversation with the Famitsu, the Japanese betrayed that there is no Fetch quests in Elden Ring. There are no delivery jobs, says Japanese, as a translation created via Deepl, published on Reddit. In addition, Kitao says that the title has a very unusual MAP structure . He speaks of a system that will let you go there, where you want to hire you, but also to you, when you get in trouble – so comes in an area for which you are not yet strong enough.

In addition, there will be card fragments to collect. On those you can then set markings, which creates a light column in the world that shows you the way. So you will probably not have a complete world map from the outset, but only explore the Open World by Elden Ring only with your own eyes. But there should be certain checkpoints that offer you a certain form of leadership.

Elden Ring is announced for January 21, 2022 for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S and Xbox ONE. According to Kitao, the development is in the final phase. So the opportunities could be quite good that the title does not have to be moved.

Wert: Famitsu (via deep translation on reddit)