Clarity is one of the great obsessions of Riot Games at the time of adjusting League of Legends . The developer has not always been able to comply with this premise and has had to make gigantic changes in the animations or effects of the characters as it is happening with Syndra. However, since the title was originally launched, it has carried out very grateful tasks in this regard. Among them, one that in many champions has gone unnoticed for years: critical hit animations .

A fun montage of Amumu and his particular animations

Although we rarely see certain champions with a construction based on the empowerment of basic attacks , almost all the characters of the game make some kind of special movement when talking a critic . The goal is to indicate players and their enemies that there will be more expected harm so they can make decisions. A situation that also affects the characters that are not designed to function thanks to this statistic and that has become popular in the case of amumu .

This old champion launched during the first years has one of the strangest animations of League of Legends . In it, he makes a movement that seems taken out of the Break Dance in which He goes around himself completing a circle in the Attack Animation. The effect is extraordinarily fun and on the occasion of him a player has wanted to carry out an assembly in which to show this situation with a lot of humor to members of the community who did not know her.

Vampire Obsession (Quiet Ver.) - Dracu-riot! Soundtrack

Although the chosen one on this occasion has been Amumu, there are other League of Legends champions that could have been on the list. The truth is that although Riot Games worked the clarity of the game having this little detail with almost all the characters did not always take it too seriously and has been introducing some ridiculous animation that we can especially appreciate in the oldest heroes Available in the game. Never disappoint, so we can not if you do not recommend that you experience with them when you play with your friends.