We all have moves more than exciting in the games of League of Legends and great moments with friends. Clash of almost every weekend is one of those moments where team game can make up huge comebacks and clashes that govern us chicken meat. It is the case of guitarstar15 , a Reddit user who published a video edited on a play in his last game of Clash . But why is it one of the best videos of all week? Well because the edition ran in charge of another person, who paid $ 10 to improve .

An edition more than original and extravagant

The video itself begins normal, with the opposite team a few steps from winning the end of the tournament. What seemed like the end of the game, would be the c oménzo of a Teamfight where the total video party would begin, where we can observe a man singing in the background while Jarvan and Amumu Emanten The rival rammarks. Is there when it comes out wukong and xayah so that the video goes from mother and thus start music at full volume and two squirrels dancing to the sound of the song , while adding random effects and filters which has caused more than one dizziness in our wording.

It is about one of the best examples what is the Internet today : Many random things that we do not understand in front of our eyes and still laughed in laughter. Of course, has come out quite profitable those ten dollars , since the post is one of the most viewed by Reddit and one of the most commented and dear in the week. For those who do not know that it has happened in the play due to the innumerable filters that is in front, a user has collected everything that has passed step by step: