1. FC Magdeburg is a German association football club based in the city of Magdeburg. The club was established in 1965 and also invested just about one period in East Germany top flight, the DDR-Oberliga, winning three champions as well as seven cup titles. It is the only Eastern German club to have won a European title, winning the European Mug Victors Cup in 1974. After German reunification, the club fell on difficult times and just went into professional football in 2015 when the side was advertised to the 3. Liga.

The debut of the Spaniard Roberto Garcia Parrondo on the coaching bench of the criteral Mt Melsungen is misspelled. The high-neglected Hesse documents in the first game under Parrondo, who had been committed as successor to Gudmundur Gudmundsson during the week, Table Guide SC Magdeburg with 24:27 (11:15). The MT conceded the third defeat in the fifth game. While the SCM is now 12: 0 points on his account, the North Hesse drops with 3: 7 counterparts to their demands.

SCM Left Out Lukas Mertens was 2700 spectators with six goals of the best throwers for the reigning European League winner. Melsungen showed himself under Garcia Parrondo improved, but the game could not rotate in the exciting final phase. Overall, melsungen made too many technical mistakes.

There is a lot of positive hanging, Melsungen s national player Julius Kühn after closing whistle at Sky : We have felt very good – especially in the second half. I think you already see that we look at a much better way are. If we approach the whole concentrated, we can keep up well.

15 parades from bitter

A class game again delivered HSV Hamburg elsewhere. The climber from the Hanseatic city made the recently still Furiose HSG Wetzlar with 31:23 (17:10). Already in the first half, the team of coach Torsten Jansen had thrown out a preliminary projection. After six games, the Hamburgers fell 7: 5 points the great hopes for the league. A very strong performance showed once more HSVH final Johannes Bitter, who had 15 parades in his account at the end.

We have a coach who keeps us with his sobriety every day on the ground of the facts.

Johannes Bitter over Torsten Jansen

The world champion from 2007 came back to swarms: I know what the boys in training are on top, but that they bring it to the plate again and again, it is all the more beautiful for us. It was not to be expected and is not normal are just in a flow, just do not want to think too much and analyze, but just have to continue. We have a coach who keeps us on the ground with his sobriety every day on the ground. That s what we are doing well and we follow him, for What happens here is already a little fairy tale.

Cup winner TBV Lemgo Lippe celebrated after the weak start of the season Meanwhile his first league victory, the team of coach Florian Kehrmann hit the HBW Balingen-Weilstetten with 38:28 (21:13). Fresh on Göppingen confirmed the good season start at the 27:24 (12:10) against the Bergische HC.

The Bundesliga Thursday in the stenogram:

Mt Melsungen – SC Magdeburg 24:27 (11:15)
Goals for Melsungen: Kühn (7), Casting (5/1), Gomes (5), Petersson (3), Reichmann (3/1), Jonsson (1)
Goals for Magdeburg: Mertens (6), Magnusson (5/2), Pettersson (4), Hornke (4/3), Smits (3), Chrakkowski (2), Bezjak (1), Kristjansson (1 ), Jensen (1)
Spectators: 2796

TBV Lemgo Lippe – HBW Balingen-Weilstetten 38:28 (21:13)
Goals for TBV: Reitemann (5), Carlsbogard (5), G. Guardiola Villaplana (4), Punch (4), I. Guardiola Villaplana (4), Kogut (4), Elisson (4/3 ), Hutecek (3), Black (3), Schagen (1), Simak (1)
Goals for HBW: Stroosack (4), Zintel (4), Lipovina (4), Thomann (3/3), Replenstein (3), Heinzelmann (3), Gloch (3), Scott Junior (3) , Volz (1)
Spectators: 1750

Fresh on Göppingen – Bergischer HC 27:24 (12:10)
Goals for Göppingen: Heymann (7), Kozina (5), Kneel (5), Schiller (4/1), Bagersted (2), Gulliksen (2), Smarason (1), Lindenchrone (1)
Goals for the BHC: ARNESSON (7/5), Gunnarsson (4), Schmidt (3), Dam (2), Babak (2), Gutbrod (2), Wake (2), Darj (1) , Ruideck (1)
Viewers: 2200

HSV Hamburg – HSG Wetzlar 31:23 (17:10)
Goals for HSVH: Forstbauer (8), Andersen (5), Mortensen (5/3), Valiullin (4), Weller (3), Wullweber (2), Bauer (1), Axmann ( 1), mold builders (1), lateh (1)
goals for Wetzlar: RUBIN (10), Mellegard (3), Holst (2/2), Novak (2), Cavor (2), Kusan (1), Fredriksen (1), Srses (1), Nyfjall (1)
Spectators: 2860