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Diablo 2 How to get to the monastery barracks Tools for Trade Quest

Diablo 2: Resurrected is already here and players can revive the Glory Days of Diablo 2 on the PC again or in the modern domestic console of their choice. The game looks fantastic, but anyway it is difficult. If you are here, you are probably trapped in the search for act 1, tools for the trade, and you are asking you How to get to the monastery barracks in Diablo 2. This is the path you should take to get there.

How to get to the monastery barracks in Diablo 2

ACT 1 – Tools for the Commercial Mission

Once you have started the search, go to Black Marsh (using a route point to arrive quickly). At Black Marsh, open yourself on the way through the enemies while you are looking until you can enter Tamoe Highlands.

Once in Tamoe Highlands, it is the same. Fight against hordes of enemies until you find yourself with a large building that itself is your own area, the door of the monastery.

Continue straight until you can go out of the outer cloister. You are almost there.

He keeps walking through the outer cloister and eventually you will find the barracks of the monastery, you will know that you are there because it is a darker interior area than the outside area where you are currently.

The monastery barracks is a large densely populated area of ​​enemies, but at least you have finished wandering without a fixed heading outside. Fight because you ended up and you will arrive where you should go to advance the Mission Tools for Trade in Act 1.

That s all you need to know for How to get to the monastery barracks in Diablo 2 During the mission Tools of the Office of Act 1. To get more information about Diablo 2: Resurrected, consult some of our most recent guides and articles next.

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Far Cry 6 Completely playable in the co op and something else to the main story

The adhering to significant deaths occurred in 2021. Names are reported under the date of death, in indexed order as set out in WP: NAMESORT.
A common access records details in the list below sequence:

Name, age, nation of citizenship at birth, succeeding nationality (if suitable), what subject was noted for, cause of fatality (if recognized), and recommendation.

Ubisoft has published numerous details about Far Cry 6 in recent days. Among them was the confirmation that this time you have to do without the map editor . Another feature will be preserved. It is the coal mode that invites you to joint gaming sessions.

Complete game with co-op

In a AMA session on Reddit Ubisoft emphasized that the Koop mode of Far Cry 6 will prepare a lot of fun. Details should follow in due course. And apparently it will be the only way to have a person on the side, as all companions will be animals in the game.

The complete game is playable in the coop with the tether system that you have experienced in FC5 and New Dawn. And it s just as simple and easy to play with friends. We only made sure that it makes a lot of fun to play with your friends. We will be able to show you soon, says Game Director Alexandre Letendre.

In addition, the lead Game Designer David Grivel emphasized that the players will be able to continue Far Cry 6 after the end of the main story. Details were not mentioned. However, his statements belong to that you can stop indefinitely in the open game world. In addition, after the main story something else should be offered.

In the course of UbiSofts Forward E3-Event we will probably learn more. The show starts on 12 June 2021 at 9 pm of our time. The announcement of the show Lest her in this message .

Other news about Far Cry 6:

Choice of sex has no effect on the action
More weapons than ever, with macarena and motorcycle engines

However, you have something to wait for the publication of Far Cry 6 . The shooter is on the market on 7 October 2021. The development is done for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, PC, Stadia and Luna. Pre-orders are possible among other things at Amazon .

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The Plane Effect Dystopian puzzle adventure for PC and consoles appeared

On September 23, 2021, Innovina Interactive, Studio Kiku and Pque published the Dystopian Puzzle Adventure The Plane Effect for PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Via Steam, Gog, Epic Games Store, eShop and PlayStation Store (only with PlayStation Plus), unlike the Microsoft Store, a launch discount of ten percent is granted to the regular sales price (13.49 euros instead of 14.99 euros). A free and on steam to date very positive reviewed demo (prologue) is also available for download on all platforms.

Not Exactly A Hero : Interactive Action Story Game
In the game description it says: It s Solo s last day in the office. Time to go out and go home. But where is his home? And what is home? Is solo actually observed by someone? Entruble the story of this disturbing dystopic adventure in which time does not run as we know them. Experience, examine and understand the strange incidents who seem to pursue solo on his last working day. Get from VFX experts with great pictures and sounds to life. Your journey leads you By an unforgettable story while fighting against an ominous presence that seems to watch every step of solo.

Last updated video: Launch trailer

LOL This works VEX in the hands of professionals it is already one of the most broken champions of the game

The video style war was a period of competition or layout battle of incompatible designs of consumer-level analog video videocassette as well as video clip cassette recorders (Video Cassette Recorder) in the late 1970s and the 1980s, mostly entailing the Betamax and also Video Clip Residence System (VHS) styles. VHS eventually became the preeminent style.

The launch of a new champion at League of Legends should be a cause for celebration, but in the case of vex there are certain concerns among players due to their great format. Since its recent premiere, the champion has been able to terrorize the community with prodigious plays and accumulates good statistics in terms of victories. Situation that is not going unnoticed among professional players , who have already been decided to try it.

An illegal champion

Those members of competitive teams enrolled in the World Cup will not dedicate too much time to the character due to the non-availability of it in the Worlds 2021. However, the rest of the looks are put on it. It has been Vetheo , the young French player of misfits, who has wanted to share with the rest of the community a play in which describes the champion as illegal , with reference to the excessive power of it .

In a fight that seemed sentenced after the good initiation of its rivals, the player begins with a skill launch festival. He is removed from over one always annoyed Riven thanks to passive and taking advantage of the damage of the rest of the kit. Thus, he manages to chain several reboots of the definitive that for more Inri they are completed with a shield in extremis with which he manages to save his life after having taken a total of four enemies.

Survival at the gates of the pentakill in a game in which his team did not have too much advantage and in which, despite the situation in terms of levels, few magicians could have survived. However, in that it consists of VEX, to differentiate from the other champions of its category: Dangerous remotely and difficult to reach In case of a correct interpretation of the game and use of passive.

Magnificent and mystical air fights in the distant space in choir

Academy is Broken | Endless Space 2
While the spatial combat games have existed for a very long time, the genre has not had a great great title for some time. Combining a semi-open world with exciting 360 degree space fights to the third person, Chorus recalls how fun it is and committing to circumvent the asteroids and high-tech spatial stations, fight with combat helicopters and Play the cat-and mouse with enemies.

The developers declare that the title of Chorus comes from his former definition as a higher state of harmony , and that metaphysics and mysticism occupy a preponderant place in the history of the game. You play Nara, a spatial hunting pilot rebellious and (of course) a potential hero, determined to save your spatial civilization – and to realize your own redemption – of the enemy and head of worship the Prophet, who promised to bring the universe back to order after years of decline. Your faulty evolving and mystically sensitive fighter is called The Forsaken, and you assume a variety of missions such as the escort of friends, the destruction of enemy facilities, the rupture of blockade and the adventure to the deepest of mysterious temples of labyrinth built by the faceless, which are both enemies and allied at various times. The missions of the labyrinth temple are particularly important because they give you the power to improve your ship and capabilities. In addition to the campaign of about 13 hours, there are many secondary missions, collectibles and caches to discover both in space and temples.

The choir looks beautiful, and while its environments tend towards amas of asteroids filled with rubbish, spatial facilities and temples at the futuristic look, the immensity of the empty space is there on the margins of each scene. The different types of spatial vessels are easily identifiable and detailed, and the lighting and fighting effects of the game are impressive, even at this point relatively early. You have to praise the fantastic musical partition of the Portuguese composer Pedro Macedo Camacho. It s lyrical, dramatic and uses choral and vocal solo textures with a big effect.

Of course, the most important facets of any space combat game must be the fight, controls and if the game reaches the vertiginous feeling of exhilarating speed and the danger offered by the best. The good news is that Chorus keeps its promises on these fronts. The developers have looked at an arcade sensation for Chorus s fight, rather than approaching it as a simulation, so there is a targeting reticle, there is no locking mechanism. The Forsaken is usually a pleasure to control and its special capacities and improvements give the vessel even more flexibility and power in combat. The Nara ship is not an imposing battleship but a live fighter that can move over short distances in space, drift in the corners and turn in any direction. These are the types of games that should probably be accompanied by a warning harm of transport, but at least on short play sessions, it has never been a problem. Developers have spent considerable time settling the camera for the optimal distance of The Forsaken.

Even in the first overview version I played, the mission objectives and the objects of interest are quite well identified. A typical mission can involve Nara to release friends captured by pirates, escorting ships into a safe place while keeping the enemies under control, while looking for the area looking for scrap trail, all with a timer . There are also interesting gameplay choices along the way, like destroying enemy ships or turn them potentially into allies. Games taking place in space are confronted with a level design challenge, but the developers did a good job by subtly reporting the apparently open environment to gently direct the player from one goal to another, while allowing freeform exploration. .

In some ways, Chorus looks like a return to an earlier era. It s a simple spatial combat game with a dramatic story and campaign, and it focuses on the pleasure of flying an incredibly fast fighter through twists, where the up and down are relative concepts. It avoids (fortunately) some of the current mechanisms of the flavor of the month, so there are no cards to collect and it is not a roguelike. His story seems serious and interesting and his fight is stimulating and satisfying. There is always room for a good spatial fighting game, and I look forward to the final outing of the game on December 3rd.

Tales of Arise How to overcome the great battle of the Astral Spirit and the Chief Submist

Same Time, Very Same Area is the 3rd episode of the seventh and also final period of the television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

This is one of the last fights of bosses in the main story, so congratulations to get so far away. If this causes problems, here we have some tips on how to win. Here is How to beat the struggle of the Great Astral Spirit and the Chief Submist in Tales of Arise .

How to beat the great astral spirit and subsume it in Tales of Arise

This boss is at level 58 in normal difficulty, so be prepared for a hard fight even if you are just a few levels below. If he is at level 58 or higher, this should be relatively easy, especially compared to VHOLAN.

The best way to prepare for this is to cook any dish that increases the group s elementary defense statistic, since this boss uses a wide variety of elementary movements. It is also important to keep in mind that both forms of this boss are weak against the attacks of the Light and Lightning elements, so use them whenever possible.

Great Head of the Astral Spirit Phase 1

This phase of combat is simple until the great astral spirit falls 50% of health. Before that, he is not very mobile or difficult to touch, he has no legs. He will teleport to the battlefield when he wants to move, but he will only retaliate with elementary movements that can be clearly loaded.

He can be automatically knocked down using Alphen s Boost, and his health will decrease quickly if you attack with all at once during these times.

The long-range characters like Rinwell and SHIONNE will destroy this boss from the beginning. The wrestlers at a short distance should be careful since he surrounds himself with dark astral energy. Check if the floor becomes purple around the base of it and, if so, retreat a little to avoid attack.

He will also extract dark energy from his mouth. Shooting causes small explosions when impacting, but can be easily avoided if you are not attacking from the front.

Big Spiritual Chief Astral Phase 2

After your first momentum when it reaches 50% health, it will convene small orbs that will attack each with a different element that matches its color. This is where things get complicated.

The fire will crash against the ground and cause an explosion, the lightning will trigger electricity rays and will teleport, the earth will fire like a cannonball, the wind will convene gusts of wind to attack and the water will move quickly over you. . by launching astral arts.

First, remove these orbs, your priority is the lightning orb due to its speed of movement and radio that can attack long distance to interrupt what you are doing. You can also paralyze you, which is the worst that you can pass with each orb attack at the same time.

Things will be very chaotic on the screen at this point, especially if you also have Rinwell by throwing the own massive works of him.

No matter what orb you are looking for, try to fill the Blue Boost Strike meter on your body, then use a strike to destroy it completely. If you are lucky, Strike will remove several Orbes at the same time if you are floating close to each other.

Once you eliminate some of them, it will be much easier to go for the great astral spirit, even if there are still some orbs. He s health will be low when you get rid of him, since your teammates will attack you.

The boss adds a new ray of mouth to his arsenal, but his movements do not change much. Get away from the front of the body of it and you will be safe from most attacks.

Head of sub-submersible phase 1

This section begins with some regular enemies that you have already defeated in the dungeon several times. After this filling fight, you will face the head of the great astral spirit again in the new form of Him subsumer.

This time there will be giant weak points in both arms that I should point. Removing the first arm is a fairly simple task, even for short distance wrestlers like Alphen. In fact, using Alphen s Boost makes this much easier than you think, because it stops what the boss is doing until they exceed the limit, and it will not be soon.

You really just need to dodge when he hits you with his arm. You can know when this will happen if he pulls an arm as slowly as possible to give him a fair warning.

When a weak point is about to break, you must press the indicator of the specific address of the D-pad requested by the game. After it breaks, the boss will charge a mystic art called Black Hole.

Dodge spam to avoid most of the black hole damage because all the ground will hurt you no matter where you are. It will be seen as the clip below:

After this mystical art, heal it if necessary. Then, concentrate on the next arm exactly in the same way as in the first. This will break even faster.

Phase 2 of the sub-submersible boss

When both arms are broken, the new weak point will be at its base, near the ground. He will continue to launch Black Hole and convening thorns and dark energy near his body to defend himself. He will also shoot lasers from his mouth, what you will lose because you are too close, so do not even worry about them if you are a short-range attacker.

However, it is important to be attentive to the health bars of the members of their remote group. In fact, it is probably a good idea to replace Dohalim here to duplicate the healing potential if it is not yet in its active group.

When the subsumer s health bar is around 10-20%, the boss desperate and calls elementary orbs from the combat phase of the great astral spirit.

Skip the Orbes this time if you can, because as soon as you get that last little health of the boss, the fight will end. Use objects to heal yourself if you can not wait for Shionne or Dohalim to cure you, as long as you can continue to inflict damage.

Just make sure you continue attacking and dodging only when it is absolutely necessary. Alphen can still interrupt the boss and stun it with the boost of him and Rinwell can prevent the Orbs from throwing arts.

The fight will end with a Shionne / Alphen boost. Then he is vholran again because, of course, he will return.

That s all you need to know How to beat the struggle of the great astral spirit and the Chief Submist in Tale of Arise . Be sure to check our wiki guide to get more advice, tricks and guides of bosses if you need a little help.

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World was Z Aftermath the zombies return back the launch

From now on, World was z: Aftermath from Saber Interactive for the consoles as well as the PC and will enrich the cooperative zombie shooter through various gameplay innovations and fresh content.

Suitable for the release of World was Z: Aftermath Saber Interactive provided the official launch trailer in which with rapidly sliced ​​scenes on the offered content. Of course, with the game is the well-known main game of World was z , which has been extended by a first-person mode and a brutal melee system.

Two new story episodes and exclusive weapons

Also offered are two exclusive melee weapons in the form of the Sled Human and the Dual Cleaver , two new story episodes or a revised character progression. These are now based on eight different classes, which have been provided with individual strengths and can be continuously improved by successfully completed missions.

on the subject : World was Z Aftermath: Game Impressions, Zombies and Features in the New Trailer

If you want to play World War Z: Aftermath on the PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Series X, thanks to the support of downward compatibility on the new generation consoles, the opportunity to offer the fight against the undead in 4k and 60 images from the second.

The World was Z: Aftermath from all content and DLCs, which were already on board as part of the Game-of-the-Year Edition.

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Gambit Gewinnen Sports Rating

The new master in Valorant Esport is called Gambit Esports. The Russian organization was able to win the Great Masters tournament in Berlin on Sunday evening. In the final, the Russians were able to decide against the American team team Envy every game for themselves and gained sovereign with 3: 0.

Clear dominance in the final

Gambit Esports was one of the strongest teams throughout the final round. You also confirmed this service in the final. They barely made their counterparty from the United States a chance.

It was nevertheless scarce, especially in the second game. In an open exchange, Gambit retained the upper hand at 13:11. In the interview after the final, Igor Redgar vlasov emphasized how crucial this duel was for the final victory: We believed that we lose this match because it is not our best card. I had counted with a narrow finale.

For Gambit Esports, it s the first success on the international stage. Accordingly, ecstatic was Vlasov after victory: It feels incredible. We did not expect us to do it so far, but have done it. It s a wonderful feeling.

World Cup qualifier perfect

In addition to the title, Gambit Esports has secured a prize money of $ 225,000 US dollars. On top of that, they are already qualified for the World Cup this year.

At a participation in the valorant highlight in December, the German team G2 Esports also hopes. In October, the Last Chance qualifier will be played by the final World Cup Place of the EMEA region.

WEADER GAMING News and everything from the world of escort is available on earlygame

Special event and revelation planned for Dead by Daylight 4th Anniversary

Behavior Interactive revealed that at the 4th anniversary of Dead by Daylight, May 26, 2020, they will celebrate with a special flow for fans. They will speak not only about the history of the game over four years, but also their process of development and their plans for the future. And of course, it would not be a flow of development without a kind of revelation, which they promised, but without giving any clues about what it could be. PSST, I m not detective but it could be a new killer …

The director of Dead by Daylight, Mathieu Côté, said: We are very happy to celebrate another incredible year in the story of Dead by Daylight. The game changes and always improves. We brought you a lot of really cool stuff this year and next year will be even more intense. This last chapter is a very emotional step for us and we can not wait to share it with you. Join us while we celebrate the year 4 of Dead by Daylight! »

Of course, just like the other panels currently occur, the flow will be done from the homes of individual developers, joining each other through a call. I m sure they will talk about working in these conditions and how it affected their work, negatively or positively, a subject that I find fascinating to hear.

So, do you have predictions about what revelation could be?

Source: Thegg

Agricultural Simulator 22 CrossSplay confirmed and details about character creation

The players from the Agricultural Simulator 22 will be able to easily climb. The competent Developer Studio Giants Software today confirms that the crossSplay function is supported equal to the release. This will support the cross-platform games for the first time in the longtime simulation series.

According to the Publishing Chief of Giants Software, CrossSplay support is a great progress for the multiplayer experience . In addition, he informed that the community grows permanent and the number of players rose on all platforms.

New character models, garments, hairstyles and more

In order to optically adjust the own character in multiplayer mode, new individualization options are introduced. These include character models, clothing, haircuts and other items. For this project, developers have introduced outfits and accessories from agricultural brands. Among other things, Engelbert Strauss, Fendt and Claas are represented.

The Senior Character Artist of the game is part of the following: Because the agricultural simulator of countless fans is enjoyed in multiplayer, be it among friends in relaxed meetings after work or even from our passionate content creators who play together in role-playing scenarios, We offer you many new opportunities for your characters.

For the rest, there has been a competitive game mode for two years, in which the virtual farmers measure at a professional basis. The participants are supported by known manufacturers and sponsors of agricultural technology.

You can watch the first gameplay trailer here:

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The Agricultural Simulator 22 appears on November 22 for PlayStation, Xbox, Google Stadia and PC.

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