Horizon Forbidden West is an approaching activity role-playing game created by Guerrilla Games and also released by Sony Interactive Amusement. It is established to be released on 18 February 2022 for the PlayStation 4 as well as PlayStation 5. A sequel to Horizon Absolutely no Dawn (2017 ), it includes an open world in a post-apocalyptic western USA.

Aloy is one of the most charismatic characters that the sector has given us in recent years and his role in Horizon Zero Dawn speaks on his own. A legacy that will continue in his sequel, Horizon Forbidden West, who will arrive next February to PS5 and PS4, and from which they tell us more details on the Official Blog of PlayStation.

From Guerrilla Games they wanted to tell us more about the evolution of the character, from the origins of him to this new adventure, which will lead him to explore the west survived new and dangerous machines and other dangers. In the original game she is irrelevant to being a heroine machines jacket . Here, she will have to continue with that path and legacy. And this natural evolution will be reflected.

In Horizon Forbidden West, we wanted to continue expanding everything that characterizes Aloy as an interesting character, at the same time we added other elements. As a machine jacket, she is still agile and infallible, but we have also deepened enough in the combat system. It is still exciting to explore the world with her, but we have made that the trip is even more varied with tools such as the hook and the alaescudo , which could be seen in the game trailer, says Ben McCaw, narrative director of Warfare.

To endorse this evolution, Aloy will also have changes at a physical level. A design prepared after several debates in the Dutch study with the objective of develop and achieve a better understanding of the character and subtleties of it .

Several teams have invested hours and hours in each of the aspects of Aloy: combat movements, animations, equipment, hair and dialogues. All this effort achieves that Aloy seems real. It also makes it very adaptable for all kinds of players: those who want to fight, explore or interact with the tribes and the NPCs, or simply enjoy the presence of it in a world marvelous. Many people have worked hard to make all this possible, says McCaw.

From Guerrilla also affirm that they feel proud to capture the sign of identity of the character, without losing his agile warrior constitution, and indicating that what really characterizes him is authenticity and pragmatism to place the characters in the world in which they live, and be able to feel how they do it .

The Launch Date of Horizon Forbidden West is next February 18, 2022.