Diablo 2: Resurrected is already here and players can revive the Glory Days of Diablo 2 on the PC again or in the modern domestic console of their choice. The game looks fantastic, but anyway it is difficult. If you are here, you are probably trapped in the search for act 1, tools for the trade, and you are asking you How to get to the monastery barracks in Diablo 2. This is the path you should take to get there.

How to get to the monastery barracks in Diablo 2

ACT 1 – Tools for the Commercial Mission

Once you have started the search, go to Black Marsh (using a route point to arrive quickly). At Black Marsh, open yourself on the way through the enemies while you are looking until you can enter Tamoe Highlands.

Once in Tamoe Highlands, it is the same. Fight against hordes of enemies until you find yourself with a large building that itself is your own area, the door of the monastery.

Continue straight until you can go out of the outer cloister. You are almost there.

He keeps walking through the outer cloister and eventually you will find the barracks of the monastery, you will know that you are there because it is a darker interior area than the outside area where you are currently.

The monastery barracks is a large densely populated area of ​​enemies, but at least you have finished wandering without a fixed heading outside. Fight because you ended up and you will arrive where you should go to advance the Mission Tools for Trade in Act 1.

That s all you need to know for How to get to the monastery barracks in Diablo 2 During the mission Tools of the Office of Act 1. To get more information about Diablo 2: Resurrected, consult some of our most recent guides and articles next.

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