Same Time, Very Same Area is the 3rd episode of the seventh and also final period of the television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

This is one of the last fights of bosses in the main story, so congratulations to get so far away. If this causes problems, here we have some tips on how to win. Here is How to beat the struggle of the Great Astral Spirit and the Chief Submist in Tales of Arise .

How to beat the great astral spirit and subsume it in Tales of Arise

This boss is at level 58 in normal difficulty, so be prepared for a hard fight even if you are just a few levels below. If he is at level 58 or higher, this should be relatively easy, especially compared to VHOLAN.

The best way to prepare for this is to cook any dish that increases the group s elementary defense statistic, since this boss uses a wide variety of elementary movements. It is also important to keep in mind that both forms of this boss are weak against the attacks of the Light and Lightning elements, so use them whenever possible.

Great Head of the Astral Spirit Phase 1

This phase of combat is simple until the great astral spirit falls 50% of health. Before that, he is not very mobile or difficult to touch, he has no legs. He will teleport to the battlefield when he wants to move, but he will only retaliate with elementary movements that can be clearly loaded.

He can be automatically knocked down using Alphen s Boost, and his health will decrease quickly if you attack with all at once during these times.

The long-range characters like Rinwell and SHIONNE will destroy this boss from the beginning. The wrestlers at a short distance should be careful since he surrounds himself with dark astral energy. Check if the floor becomes purple around the base of it and, if so, retreat a little to avoid attack.

He will also extract dark energy from his mouth. Shooting causes small explosions when impacting, but can be easily avoided if you are not attacking from the front.

Big Spiritual Chief Astral Phase 2

After your first momentum when it reaches 50% health, it will convene small orbs that will attack each with a different element that matches its color. This is where things get complicated.

The fire will crash against the ground and cause an explosion, the lightning will trigger electricity rays and will teleport, the earth will fire like a cannonball, the wind will convene gusts of wind to attack and the water will move quickly over you. . by launching astral arts.

First, remove these orbs, your priority is the lightning orb due to its speed of movement and radio that can attack long distance to interrupt what you are doing. You can also paralyze you, which is the worst that you can pass with each orb attack at the same time.

Things will be very chaotic on the screen at this point, especially if you also have Rinwell by throwing the own massive works of him.

No matter what orb you are looking for, try to fill the Blue Boost Strike meter on your body, then use a strike to destroy it completely. If you are lucky, Strike will remove several Orbes at the same time if you are floating close to each other.

Once you eliminate some of them, it will be much easier to go for the great astral spirit, even if there are still some orbs. He s health will be low when you get rid of him, since your teammates will attack you.

The boss adds a new ray of mouth to his arsenal, but his movements do not change much. Get away from the front of the body of it and you will be safe from most attacks.

Head of sub-submersible phase 1

This section begins with some regular enemies that you have already defeated in the dungeon several times. After this filling fight, you will face the head of the great astral spirit again in the new form of Him subsumer.

This time there will be giant weak points in both arms that I should point. Removing the first arm is a fairly simple task, even for short distance wrestlers like Alphen. In fact, using Alphen s Boost makes this much easier than you think, because it stops what the boss is doing until they exceed the limit, and it will not be soon.

You really just need to dodge when he hits you with his arm. You can know when this will happen if he pulls an arm as slowly as possible to give him a fair warning.

When a weak point is about to break, you must press the indicator of the specific address of the D-pad requested by the game. After it breaks, the boss will charge a mystic art called Black Hole.

Dodge spam to avoid most of the black hole damage because all the ground will hurt you no matter where you are. It will be seen as the clip below:

After this mystical art, heal it if necessary. Then, concentrate on the next arm exactly in the same way as in the first. This will break even faster.

Phase 2 of the sub-submersible boss

When both arms are broken, the new weak point will be at its base, near the ground. He will continue to launch Black Hole and convening thorns and dark energy near his body to defend himself. He will also shoot lasers from his mouth, what you will lose because you are too close, so do not even worry about them if you are a short-range attacker.

However, it is important to be attentive to the health bars of the members of their remote group. In fact, it is probably a good idea to replace Dohalim here to duplicate the healing potential if it is not yet in its active group.

When the subsumer s health bar is around 10-20%, the boss desperate and calls elementary orbs from the combat phase of the great astral spirit.

Skip the Orbes this time if you can, because as soon as you get that last little health of the boss, the fight will end. Use objects to heal yourself if you can not wait for Shionne or Dohalim to cure you, as long as you can continue to inflict damage.

Just make sure you continue attacking and dodging only when it is absolutely necessary. Alphen can still interrupt the boss and stun it with the boost of him and Rinwell can prevent the Orbs from throwing arts.

The fight will end with a Shionne / Alphen boost. Then he is vholran again because, of course, he will return.

That s all you need to know How to beat the struggle of the great astral spirit and the Chief Submist in Tale of Arise . Be sure to check our wiki guide to get more advice, tricks and guides of bosses if you need a little help.

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