From now on, World was z: Aftermath from Saber Interactive for the consoles as well as the PC and will enrich the cooperative zombie shooter through various gameplay innovations and fresh content.

Suitable for the release of World was Z: Aftermath Saber Interactive provided the official launch trailer in which with rapidly sliced ​​scenes on the offered content. Of course, with the game is the well-known main game of World was z , which has been extended by a first-person mode and a brutal melee system.

Two new story episodes and exclusive weapons

Also offered are two exclusive melee weapons in the form of the Sled Human and the Dual Cleaver , two new story episodes or a revised character progression. These are now based on eight different classes, which have been provided with individual strengths and can be continuously improved by successfully completed missions.

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If you want to play World War Z: Aftermath on the PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Series X, thanks to the support of downward compatibility on the new generation consoles, the opportunity to offer the fight against the undead in 4k and 60 images from the second.

The World was Z: Aftermath from all content and DLCs, which were already on board as part of the Game-of-the-Year Edition.

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